“Travis Kelce’s Mom Responds to WWE’s Kayla Braxton: Yes, my son Introduced Braxton to Me; she Was His First Love, And I Truly Admired her From The Moment I first Met her, and I Still Do!.”


In a heartwarming revelation, Travis Kelce’s mother has responded to WWE star Kayla Braxton’s recent expression of heartbreak, shedding light on their past connection. Kelce’s mom confirmed that Braxton was her son’s first love and shared her genuine fondness for the WWE personality.

Donna Kelce Mom Sparks Reactions: "I love my son beyond the love of a mother. I wish I can marry Travis. I Feel Jealous and Go Crazy Each time I Remember he will Soon Get married to Taylor Swift."


The response adds a touching layer to the unfolding narrative, showcasing the personal connections and emotions involved in high-profile relationships. It serves as a reminder that the dynamics of love and connection extend beyond the individuals directly involved, reaching into the hearts of those who care for them, including family members.