Jason Kelce seen brandishing a SWORD as he and brother Travis post bizarre teaser for New Heights episode 1

Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce


Jason Kelce was brandishing a sword in a teaser for the upcoming episode of his New Heights podcast with brother Travis on Wednesday.


Jason Kelce and wife

On Tuesday, the New Heights X account posted two pictures with the caption: ‘Tomorrow we’ve got our ‘normal’ episode… same time as always.’

The first photo shows the Kansas City Chiefs tight end laughing in his seat. Meanwhile, his older brother stood behind his chair with both hands on the sword’s handle, appearing to make a slashing motion.

The teaser comes after Travis suggested his older brother get his wife Kylie a sword as a late anniversary gift to make up for lost time.

During last week’s episode, the former Eagles center admitted that his present has been delayed for nearly a month, citing their live show at the University of Cincinnati in April as his reason.

I mean, I don’t think she’d be into it,’ Jason said of getting Kylie a sword as a present. ‘Right now, a sword is definitely better than what I’ve currently gotten her.’
Now I gotta get it to Kylie before this episode airs on Wednesday,’ Jason added. ‘So I kind of (need to) move fast on this sword.’

Jason Kelce

Jason holding the sword in the upcoming episode materializes an idea they teased after his retirement in March. While discussing possible hobbies for him to pick up, Jason suggested blacksmithing so he could learn to make knives.

‘I like the TV show Forged in Fire,’ Jason said. ‘I want to go to a blacksmith and make a knife, that’d be fun.

‘Count me in on that one, don’t do that without me. I’m gonna make a sword,’ Travis suggested.

‘A sword is a whole other undertaking, I don’t know if we are good enough to make a sword,’ Jason responded.

While the sword will likely be his gift to Kylie, Jason also received a unique present when he was gifted a saxophone by a local Philadelphia business in honor of his retirement.

Travis Kelce

During a charity golf event on Monday, Kelce received a baritone saxophone worth $7,000 from Vincera Institute, a Philly orthopedic clinic. The retired Eagles star, who played the instrument in high school, claimed he would probably start practicing again after receiving the gift.

‘I wanna get back into playing saxophone, I had not played in a while seriously,’ he said ‘So maybe I’ll be able to walk down Broad Street with this thing this year.’

About two months after hanging up his cleats, Kelce confirmed he would join ESPN as a football analyst this year.