What is going on between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift? Martha Stewart was ‘begged not to mention’ Taylor Swift during interview with Travis Kelce’s mother Donna Kelce. WATCH THE VIDEO!

Martha Stewart


Martha Stewart gushed about ‘lovely’ Taylor Swift during a candid conversation with Travis Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce – although she was told that the singer was off limits during a recent interview.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

The TV personality, 82 – who recently glammed up for New York Pops’ 41st Birthday Gala in NYC – talked about the Grammy winner, 34, during Wednesday’s episode of The Martha Stewart podcast, despite being ‘begged not to.’

Donna, 71 – who is mother to both Travis and Jason Kelce – joined the cookbook author for a Mother’s Day-themed discussion.

At one point, Stewart told Kelce, ‘I know I was begged not to mention Taylor Swift, but I just want to say, you always look so great with her in the box when she was at the games with you.’

Taylor Swift and Donna Kelce

Both Donna and the Taylor had the chance to get to know each other when the songstress attended various Kansas City Chiefs games during the last season to cheer on Travis.

Martha – who attended the Kentucky Derby over the weekend along with Travis – further gushed that Swift, is, ‘lovely. So good luck with that because that is some situation.’

Kelce then responded by bringing up her son Travis and Taylor’s relationship: ‘Well, you know, you never know. Time will tell, but I know that they’re both friendly. They’re both generous.’

‘They’re both loving. They’re both caring individuals,’ she continued, with Stewart quickly adding, ‘And they’re both adults!’

Taylor Swift

The businesswoman told Donna that she was a ‘really great mom’ and elsewhere in the podcast episode, expressed that she was ‘our mother of the year.’

‘You should be so proud of yourself, not just for giving birth to two amazing boys, but you have maintained a really lovely demeanor during this entire time,’ Stewart said.

‘You are the all American mom. So enjoy it because we all think you’re great, actually.’

Donna and the Bad Blood singer have continued to develop a close bond, and last month in April, she offered her honest review after listening to Taylor Swift ‘s The Tortured Poets Department album.

Kelce opened up to People while attending QVC’s first Age of Possibility Summit in Las Vegas and gushed that Swift’s new LP is ‘her best work.

Martha Stewart

‘I listened to the whole album, and I listened to it all morning long when it was released,’ Donna expressed to the outlet.

She then added, ‘I was just very impressed. She is a very talented woman, and I think it is probably her best work.’

When asked if she had any advice for the Bad Blood hitmaker in regards to getting older, Donna replied with, ‘She doesn’t need my advice on anything. In fact, I hope she will give me advice.’

Last year in November, Travis’s mother also had positive words to say about the Eras Tour film which officially premiered in theaters on October 13.

During an interview with People, Donna stated, ‘I did see it and I did like it. It was awesome,’ and added that the singer-songwriter is, ‘extremely, extremely talented.’

Kelce then expressed that she ‘was just totally enthralled’ when watching the movie on the big screen and applauded Taylor for having the ‘presence to be able to connect with people. That’s just amazing.’

In March, a source told Us Weekly, ‘Both of their families love them as a couple and Taylor has become even more close with Travis’ mom, [Donna]. Taylor has really been integrated into the family.’

Along with developing a bond with Donna, she has also gotten close with his sister-in-law Kylie.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Donna also talked about celebrating the holiday during Martha’s podcast – although she revealed sometimes her boys forget about the special day.

Taylor Swift and Donna Kelce

‘They always remember my birthday, and they’re very generous at giving me gifts and things like that, trips and what have you, and taking care of Mom. I don’t have anything that I can complain about,’ she said.

‘It’s just that that’s one of those days that’s in the middle of May, they’re on their off-season, they’re traveling, they’re at the Derby, they’re doing things and on vacation and enjoying themselves.’

Kelce added, ‘I think it slips their mind and they’re like, “Oh, Jesus, Mother’s Day, I better text my mom.”‘

During an interview with Us Weekly in an article published on Wednesday, she opened up about raising her sons Travis and Jason with ex-husband, Ed Kelce.

She explained that her boys, ‘had phenomenal coaches, fantastic teachers and great families who were around us.’

‘It was a menagerie of all those individuals with all those great qualities that rubbed off on them. I’m just very happy they turned into the men that they are.’

In regards to parenting with Ed, she stated, ‘I just wanted to make sure that they treated everyone the same. I said, “I don’t care if they’re the individuals who are cleaning the toilets or they’re the CEO of organizations.’

It’s basically, treat everybody with respect, like you would want to be treated,’ Donna added to the outlet.

Taylor is just one day away before she resumes her Eras Tour in France on Thursday, May 9, followed by stops in other parts of Europe such as Portugal, Spain and England.

Over the weekend, Travis was seen attending the Kentucky Derby on Saturday followed by celebrating the F1 Grand Prix in Miami – but Swift did not appear by his side.

Taylor Swift

The couple enjoyed a brief break in her tour, and recently attended Patrick Mahomes’ charity event. In a post uploaded by Mahomes, Taylor was seen sweetly holding hands with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end during the festivities.