Taylor Swift ‘is incredible’ for the NFL, insists Erin Andrews as she says she doesn’t ‘take credit’ for singer’s romance with Travis Kelce

Erin Andrews, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


Sportscaster Erin Andrews has played down her role as matchmaker in Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship.


Erin Andrews

Andrews and ‘Calm Down’ podcast co-host Charissa Thompson acted as wing-women for the Kansas City Chiefs star when they urged the pop superstar to give him a chance last summer.

The sports presenters have been credited with sparking the romance that took the NFL by storm last season with the tight end himself even thanking them.

However, Andrews has insisted that they don’t take any credit for the relationship, telling the New York Post that they were just telling Swift to date the three-time Super Bowl winner ‘for America’.

The ‘Fortnight’ songstress followed their advice, striking up a relationship with the NFL star, and the rest is history.
However, their relationship and the attention surrounding it drew some backlash, especially from the ‘Dads, Brads and Chads,’ as Swift herself put it.

Yet, Andrews can’t understand the criticism as she insisted that the ‘Anti-Hero’ hitmaker is only having a positive impact on the sport.

‘This whole media fascination with her being involved in our sport, and people having opinions about it hurting the league — are you kidding me? She’s incredible for our sport,’ Andrews told The Post.

‘I find [Swift] to be completely fascinating and empowering, and I feel like now more than ever,’ Andrews added, ‘she’s opened the door to these young female viewers.’

Andrews also credited the 14-time Grammy Award winner with helping dads and their daughters to bond over sport, just as she did with her own father.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

‘I loved watching sports because of my dad,’ she said. ‘I grew up thinking these players were my friends.

‘And a lot of guys come up to me and say, “This is so cool that [Swift] was able to get my daughter interested in watching a game, and now I can sit and teach her about it.”‘

In mid-October, Swift was seen wearing a jacket that came from Andrews’ WEAR fashion line, which the sideline reporter said made her cry.