Travis Kelce Raves About Love Is Blind and His Fascination with One Season 6 Star: ‘So F—ing Good’

Travis Kelce Raves About Love Is Blind and His Fascination with One Season 6 Star: 'So F---ing Good'


The Kansas City Chiefs tight end begged his brother, Jason Kelce, to watch the dating series to no avail



Even Travis Kelce isn’t immune to the Love Is Blind mania.

On Wednesday’s episode of his New Heights podcast with brother Jason Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end revealed that he’s been catching up on season 6 of the hit Netflix series, which sees single men and women try to find love in a dating experiment where they never see each other — until they get engaged.

“Jason, you gotta watch Love Is Blind, man,” Travis, 34, told his brother during the episode after Jason, 36, asked if he has been watching any good shows lately.

“It is the worst trash ever. It’s worse than Catching Kelce,” he quipped, referring to his brief stint as an eligible TV bachelor on an E! reality series where he searched for his soulmate — unsuccessfully — on national television. “But it is so f—ing good.”

Before Jason could truly share his refusal, Travis added, “Honestly I just want you to watch the one girl and to just hear her, Oh my God. Jason, please …”

“No, I’m not watching that,” Jason said, vehemently refusing to even consider the request. “I’m not encouraging Netflix or any of these other subscription channels to make any more of this nonsense bulls—.”

The contestant that Travis was referring to became quite clear after that, as he recreated a scene from the series where Chelsea Blackwell, who was engaged to Jimmy Presnell but didn’t make it to the altar with him, hit back at her fiancée’s claim that she’s clingy.

“You think I’m clingy? I’m clingy? Really?” Travis said as he gave his best impression of Chelsea, 31.

Since appearing on the show, which was filmed a year ago, and breaking up with Jimmy, 28, Chelsea told PEOPLE she’s done some soul-searching.

“I never really sat with my inner demons or issues that I’ve had or relationship issues… I healed in such a unique way,” she said of beginning therapy after filming. “I’ve taken on meditation. I’ve done so much for my mental health, and I just feel like I’m in the best spot I’ve ever been in my entire life, and it’s a really good feeling.”

Speaking about her multiple blow-up fights with Jimmy on the show, which took place in the days leading up to their would-be wedding, she said, “I think there was so much context missing from both of those massive arguments, which is so unfortunate because I look like a literal insane person when it comes to exposing my life and having my relationship open to the world.”

One of the arguments led Jimmy to call Chelsea “clingy,” as they failed to see eye-to-eye on issues like affection. “There’s so much context that led me to those points that we’re missing. So it sucks to see those parts not be shown, but it is what it is,” she said.

Their breaking point ultimately came when Jimmy went out with his female friends — one of whom he previously slept with — and Chelsea felt uncomfortable about the situation. As they were arguing, she mentioned the hookup, outing the relationship Jimmy had told her about off-camera.

“I definitely do regret bringing it up on camera,” Chelsea told PEOPLE. “That was something that he made very clear he didn’t want exposed to the world, but in reality, this is my relationship, these are our issues, and I’m really sitting with this issue that I am not allowed to bring up at certain times, and that’s not fair.”

She’s since reached out and “apologized” to Jimmy’s friend but maintains that it was within her right to air her concerns.

“It’s not fair on either side, but just having to walk on eggshells around a really massive issue in our relationship, I had to have that conversation. I didn’t care about the cameras,” she admitted. “He was just very concerned about how he looked and how he was portrayed, and I just didn’t — clearly, I just didn’t give two craps.”