TRAVIS KELCE OBSESSED WITH WREXHAM FC! Kansas City Chiefs Star Desperate to Watch Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s Team in Action, Hails Hollywood Owners as ‘F***ING BEST’ After Latest Promotion Win!

Travis Kelce, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney


Travis Kelce has opened up on his plans to go and watch a Wrexham soccer game after branding owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney ‘the f***ing best dudes’.


Travis Kelce

Canadian-born actor Reynolds and American star McElhenney have enjoyed great success since taking over at Wrexham in 2021, guiding the Welsh club from the fifth tier of English soccer up to its third division, League One, in just three seasons.

Last month the pair sealed their second consecutive promotion after clinching a second-place finish in League Two, with Wrexham now only two divisions away from the glitz and glamor of the Premier League.

Kelce, who is good friends with Reynolds and McElhenney, now has a connection to Wales himself after former rugby player Louis Rees-Zammit recently signed for his Kansas City Chiefs, who are seeking a third straight Super Bowl crown next season.

And following their latest promotion, the Chiefs tight end has set his sights on heading to Wales to watch Wrexham play soccer in the flesh.

‘I’m not gonna lie, I really do wanna go to a game man,’ he told brother Jason on the latest instalment of their New Heights podcast. ‘Have you been following Wrexham at all?’

Jason, who recently described Welsh people as ‘posh, rich, upper class, beautiful white people’ going off his impression of Rees-Zammit before later retracting his statement, joked: ‘I’m a big Wales guy. I follow all of it.

Travis Kelce, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

‘We’ve been meaning to get out there for a game. I mean listen, you haven’t got to talk me to go overseas, jump the pond and watch some football.

‘I’m in, sounds like a blast.’

Reynolds and McElhenney have transformed Wrexham’s fortunes dramatically since assuming control of the team three years ago; so much so that they now have two Welsh trains named after their home cities of Vancouver and Philadelphia.

The Hollywood duo have also connected with the people of Wrexham while achieving success on the field, with both men frequenting the city’s famous Turf pub to enjoy some drinks with fans.

‘Both these dudes are just the f****ng best aren’t they, McElhenney and Ryan dude… they just don’t make them any better man,’ Travis continued.

‘And happy as hell for them, because they’ve taken Wrexham and got them promoted, taken them to New Heights.

The guys on the field are the ones doing the work, so you wanna make sure you pump them up and shout them out. But they are huge in making sure everyone’s aware what’s going on there in Wrexham, and it’s fun to follow them on the other side of the world.

‘So we’ll definitely try and make a game baby. We’ve gotta get out there.’

Reynolds and McElhenney are not the only familiar faces involved in English soccer for the Kelce brothers, however, with former NFL star JJ Watt also a part owner of Premier League club Burnley.

Watt and his wife Kealia purchased a stake in the Lancashire team last year, before enjoying promotion to the English top flight in their first few months.

Travis added: ‘We’ve gotta check out JJ Watt though, we can’t play favorites. JJ Watt’s got a football club over there.

‘Who doesn’t wanna see the best football in the world? So JJ we’ve gotta come and check you out too.

‘Appreciate the jersey and hat, and we’ll make sure we wear it if we ever come to a game brother.