Teresa Giudice recalls meeting Taylor Swift in VIP area at Coachella – after their selfie went viral: ‘I’m such a Swiftie now’

Taylor Swift and Teresa Giudice


Teresa Giudice recalled meeting Taylor Swift at Coachella during Tuesday’s episode of The Talk β€” after the duo’s selfie went viral last month.


Taylor Swift and Teresa Giudice

The RHONJ star, 51, gushed that the singer, 34, was a ‘total sweetheart’ as she detailed the chance encounter in the festival’s VIP area.

Teresa said it was her husband Luis Ruelas, 49, who first spotted Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce, 34.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

‘All of a sudden, Taylor and her boyfriend [Travis] start walking by and pass us, right next to us, and my husband is like, “Babe, that’s Taylor Swift!” And I’m like, “Oh my God,”‘ she remembered.

Teresa told The Talk co-host Jerry O’Connell that she typically avoids asking celebrities for their photo because ‘I don’t like to bother them.’

But with Swift being among the most famous people in the world, it was an opportunity that Teresa couldn’t pass up.

Swift also happens to be her BFF Jennifer Aydin’s favorite star.

Teresa Giudice

‘I was like, “I’m gonna do this for Jennifer Aydin [because she] loves Taylor Swift,”‘ she declared.

When Teresa finally worked up the courage to approach Swift, she was happy to learn that the multi-Grammy Award-winner knew exactly who she was.

‘I asked her, “Do you know who I am?” And she said, “Yeah,”‘ Teresa recalled with a smile.

It was then that Teresa asked to take a picture with the Pennsylvania native.

‘I said, “Can I take a picture with you?” And her bodyguard moved [out of the way] and then we took a picture together.’

After taking the photo, Teresa’s husband Luis uploaded it to Instagram and it instantly went viral as fans marveled at the unlikely duo.

Taylor Swift and Teresa Giudice


Teresa said that she’s a ‘Swiftie’ now and that Taylor was a total ‘sweetheart’ to her.

‘I have to say, Taylor Swift was so sweet. I’m such a Swiftie now. I’m such a fan. She was such a sweetheart. She really was,’ she told the show’s co-hosts.