“Jason Kelce delivers a FIRM MESSAGE to those who persist in criticizing Travis Kelce for his well-known altercation with Andy Reid on the sidelines of Super Bowl 2024. He asserts that the fault lies with…”

Jason Kelce has a strong message for anyone continuing to criticize Travis Kelce over his now-infamous altercation with Andy Reid on the sidelines of Super Bowl 2024.The Eagles player is all “fire[d] up” over the whole thing, acknowledging that the “optics” aren’t great but suggesting that, at its heart, the situation has been greatly misconstrued.

If you somehow managed to miss the moment, Travis caught some heat after he was caught on camera knocking into the head coach as he yelled at the man so aggressively that his entire face went red. Some fans urged him to “do better” as the moment went viral, while others suggested that those upset by the moment didn’t really understand what goes down on the sidelines.

Naturally, Jason falls into the latter group of folks and took some time out of this week’s episode of the brothers’ podcast, New Heights, to explain why. ”You didn’t try and push him, you ran up on him quick—it was an accident that you hit him that hard,” Jason told his brother as the two broke down the moment. “I know that. You came up hot because you were pissed off. Doesn’t look great, obviously…but nobody knows yours and Big Red’s relationship.

He continued, “I just love when people who don’t have anything to do with the situation get all riled up. Like, they’re offended. Not the guy that actually was involved in it, but the people who don’t know what you two’s relationship is or how this went down…”

The coach, of course, has already “made light” of the situation, joking that Travis “keeps [him] young.” He and Travis have also had several opportunities now to talk about the incident, with the tight end sharing that they “chuckled about it” when all was said and done. “