Travis Kelce Apologizes to Donna Kelce for Giving Bad Mother’s Day Gifts: ‘Mom, I’m Sorry’

Travis and Jason Kelce and Donna Kelce


Travis Kelce is no stranger to giving gifts. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end has made headlines for the lavish presents he gives to his ultra-famous girlfriend, Taylor Swift.


Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift

However, he might lack gift-giving skills regarding his mother, Donna Kelce. Recently, Donna spoke on how her sons, Jason and Travis, are bad at giving Mother’s Day gifts, and the brothers responded.

Travis and Jason Kelce discussed their mother, Donna Kelce, claiming they give bad Mother’s Day gifts

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Donna Kelce is a known supporter of her famous sons in the NFL, Jason and Travis Kelce. Unfortunately, she recently roasted Jason and Travis for being poor gift-givers on Mother’s Day.

Donna discussed Mother’s Day on Today.

“Are those two boys of yours good gift-givers for Mother’s Day?” co-host Hoda Kotb asked Donna.

“Boys usually are not,” Donna said. ” … I’m very rarely in the same place they are on Mother’s Day because it’s their offseason. So, they’re off. They’re off and running and doing their own thing. But that’s OK. I have so many blessings that I don’t even care.”

Travis and Jason caught wind of Donna’s response to the question on Today and discussed it on their popular podcast, New Heights. The brothers joked about sending their mother a video of them dancing, as they didn’t know what to send her.

“At least [Donna] was honest, and she didn’t f***ing just keep us, like we’re unhuman, you know?” Travis said. “Jason, you can’t be good at reading and then good at gift-giving. You have to be s***** at something.”

“I can’t be good at dancing and be good at gift-giving,” Jason explained. “I can only have one of those … my gift is to show people what true expression looks like.”

“What do you get a woman that has everything? You know? Golly!” Travis added.

The brothers then used the opportunity to brainstorm some possible gifts for their mother. And Jason noted that Donna tends to wear a lot of black and white, “like Cruella de Vil.”

“Don’t f***ing call mom Cruella de Vil,” Travis joked. “Mom’s a saint. She’s an angel.”

Ultimately, the brothers promised to make it up to their beloved mom. “Mom, I’m sorry, we owe you an amazing Mother’s Day gift,” Travis added. “We love you. … Mom, we’re going to figure it out. This year, you’re getting it because you called us out. Now, if you get too much stuff, it’s your fault. Love you.”

Donna Kelce gave Taylor Swift this gift that caused a website to crash

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While Travis and Jason Kelce might be bad at giving Donna Kelce a good Mother’s Day gift, Donna doesn’t disappoint when giving gifts. In January 2024, she reportedly gave Taylor Swift an EB & Co. ring that featured a miniature model of Travis’s jersey.

Emily Bordner, the owner of the Kansas City boutique, told KMBC that the company sent Donna various items in the hopes that Donna would pass a few on to Swift. When Swift was spotted wearing the ring, Bordner was stunned.

“I was like, oh my God, this is not possible. This isn’t true. What’s happening?” Bordner said. “It was just like right on her little pointer finger. And I’m like, Holy moly, what just happened? This is insane.”

The ring, which has a retail price of $14, immediately sold out. “It immediately went on fire,” Bordner said of the boutique. “Everything is insane. The site apparently slowed down because there were so many people on it. We sold out of things immediately. It was just absolute chaos, but it was very exciting. So, this is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thing.”

Travis Kelce recently gifted Taylor Swift $27,000 worth of jewels and flowers after her album release
Travis Kelce might be bad at giving gifts to his mother, Donna Kelce, but when it comes to Taylor Swift, he nails it every time. Following the release of her new album, The Tortured Poets Department, Kelce reportedly gave Swift $27,000 worth of jewelry and flowers.

So, what did Swift receive? Travis gave her an 18k rose gold bangle bracelet worth $5,600, hoop earrings worth $4,800, and a black calfskin Chanel dress worth $9,100. He also sent her 11 flower bouquets of orchids, hydrangeas, and white roses. The bouquets were worth $7,500.

“The idea to have 11 deliveries of flowers throughout the day is a very nice and thoughtful idea,” a source told The Sun. “She will have tons of flowers for the next few days in her house. That is going to be a sea of flowers for her. She loves them so much.”