Breaking News: NFL Insider Reveals Estimated Cost for Kansas City Chiefs to Retain L’Jarius Sneed in 2024

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback L’Jarius Sneed played a crucial role in the team’s consecutive Super Bowl victories.

Ahead of Super Bowl 58, Sneed shared insights on his upcoming free agency.

However, retaining Sneed for a potential third consecutive championship will require a significant financial commitment from the franchise in 2024.

Similar to the challenges faced with All-Pro defensive tackle Chris Jones, negotiating a long-term deal with Sneed was complex as he entered his contract year in 2023. Sneed’s transition to the outside in defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo’s scheme showcased his versatility and solidified his status as a top-tier cornerback capable of shadowing elite wide receivers.

In his contract year, Sneed delivered stellar performances, though he fell short of All-Pro recognition and Pro Bowl honors. Nonetheless, the 27-year-old gained widespread acclaim as one of the league’s premier defensive backs in coverage. Now, following his pivotal role in the Chiefs’ Super Bowl success and their status as a premier NFL dynasty, Sneed is poised to capitalize on his success this offseason.

Insights from Sportskeeda’s Tony Pauline suggest the Chiefs have two primary options to retain Sneed: utilizing the fully guaranteed franchise tag, valued at approximately $19 million, or negotiating a long-term contract averaging around $18.5 million per season.

Both options come with advantages and challenges. While the franchise tag ensures Sneed remains off the open market, providing the Chiefs flexibility for another season, it also poses challenges in managing the salary cap. Negotiating a multi-year deal would offer immediate financial relief but requires careful structuring to manage future cap hits.

The Chiefs’ commitment to retaining key defenders like Jones and Sneed will depend on strategic decisions regarding the franchise tag and players’ willingness to compromise on contract terms.