What a romantic moment! Taylor Swift saying her reasons of planning to attend Kentucky Derby was because Travis Kelce will be attending it too.

Taylor Swift


Fans have been speculating because well, they’re always wondering what those two are doing, and also, it’s not totally far-fetched.


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Kelce’s teammates, like quarterback Patrick Mahomes, attended last year and high-profile footballers, and musicians, often do.

And the two have been attending big events together all over the country, like Coachella in California. Plus, they were both just at a gala together last weekend and Derby is known for its many star-studded galas.

And then this happened on Friday.

One of Kelce’s known friends, former basketball player Chandler Parsons, was at Kentucky Oaks. During an interview with “Up & Adams,” a FanDuel TV show, Parsons was asked who he knew would be coming to Louisville for the Derby, and he said Kelce was coming in sometime on Friday.

And around 5 p.m. Friday, his name popped up on the Trifecta Gala list as a potential guest along with his brother Jason Kelce, another football star with whom he podcasts with.

No mention of Swift. But who knows? Anything can happen at Derby and anyone can show up.

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Several celebrities will walk red carpets at gala’s Friday night and more will at the Derby from noon to 2 p.m.