Eric Bienemy could be making his way back to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs per report

As the confetti settles from the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory, fans and analysts alike are already turning their attention to the offseason. Among the myriad questions swirling around the team, one intriguing possibility has emerged: the return of Eric Bieniemy as offensive coordinator.

Throughout the season, doubts have lingered about the Chiefs’ offense, despite their success. While it’s widely expected that Matt Nagy will retain his position as offensive coordinator, rumors suggest that Bieniemy may once again helm the offense for Kansas City.

The source of this speculation? None other than Mike Florio, known for his reports that often stir controversy more than clarity. Nevertheless, Florio’s assertion that Bieniemy could reclaim his role in Kansas City has sparked curiosity among fans and pundits alike.

Dan Quinn relieved Bienemy of his duties in Washington

Bieniemy’s journey to this potential reunion has been marked by twists and turns. After parting ways with the Washington Commanders, where he served as offensive coordinator, Bieniemy finds himself without a coaching position. Despite the Commanders’ offensive struggles, Bieniemy’s track record speaks for itself, with previous successes in Kansas City contributing to his reputation as a talented offensive mind.

Florio’s report, however, lacks substantive detail, leaving many to question its credibility. Is this merely another instance of offseason speculation, or could there be genuine interest from the Chiefs’ organization in reuniting with Bieniemy?

Adding to the intrigue is Bieniemy’s recent involvement with the Chiefs during the playoffs. Reports indicate that he consulted with the coaching staff ahead of the AFC Championship game, offering insights and assisting with play installations. Could this signal a deeper connection between Bieniemy and the team, paving the way for a potential return?

As the offseason unfolds, only time will tell the true fate of the Chiefs’ coaching staff. Until then, fans can ponder the tantalizing prospect of Bieniemy’s resurgence in Kansas City, wondering if Florio’s report is merely hot air or a hint of things to come.