What Patrick Mahomes Has Revealed To His Wife Brittany Mahomes Has Caused Social Media To Go Viral

Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, faced numerous skeptics throughout the season. However, amidst the doubts and uncertainties, his wife Brittany stood by him. Her support and faith in Mahomes’ abilities played a crucial role in his journey to Super Bowl success.

In a poignant Instagram post, Brittany Mahomes shared the behind-the-scenes narrative of their season, describing it as “special” despite the doubts surrounding the team. She highlighted Mahomes’ belief in his team, emphasizing his leadership qualities and refusal to place blame on others.

“This season was a special one!” Brittany wrote.

“This guy never stopped believing in his team…through the ups and downs and all the doubters, never once did he doubt this team. He is a true leader and a team player. He continued to ask himself what he could do better to lead this team to the Super Bowl.

“I saw so much behind the scenes that I will forever be in awe of you as a person and a football player! You my guy deserved this!!! I love you and am always and forever proud of you.”

His message to Brittany

Mahomes’ dedication and determination were evident in his messages to Brittany throughout the season. Even before clinching their spot atop the AFC West, he expressed his intention to pursue the championship relentlessly.

“I decided we are going to win the Super Bowl,” read a message sent to Brittany on January 5.

“I’ll see yall in Las Vegas. I’m not done.”

Following their victory in the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens, Mahomes reaffirmed his commitment to achieving ultimate success.