You’ll never guess who outbid ‘Always Sunny’ star for Kelce-signed Princess Diana Eagles jacket

If you needed another reason to love the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” cast, well, here you go.

Rob McElhenney recently joined Jason and Travis Kelce on a New Heights podcast episode where they discussed the Eagles Autism Foundation and how heavily involved the actor is.

One topic in particular was the bidding being done on a Kelce-signed Princess Diana Eagles jacket, where all proceeds benefit the foundation. McElhenney stated that he set his highest bid at $62,000 — a number chosen to represent his favorite Eagle.

He was unfortunately outbid … and it was an inside job. The culprit?

His wife and co-star Kaitlin Olson, who won the bidding war at $100,000. (Which is *incredibly* epic.)

Olson made a surprise appearance on the podcast to explain why she needed to win over her husband.

“We live in the same house, this is a foundation that is important to the both of us,” Olson said. “The jacket looks great on [Jason’s] wife. It’s clearly for women, I want it. He mentions nothing about it. I’m like ‘What are you doing?’ Moron.”

Fast forward a few weeks later and Olson finally received the jacket.

It was also important for her to note that she didn’t wear the jacket during Eagles-Cowboys and won’t be held responsible for the outcome of the game.

Just a bird supporting the birds.