”You crossed the line”: Jason Kelce scolds Travis for his reaction to Andy Reid at Super Bowl

On their “New Heights” podcast, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce reprimanded his brother, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, for his outburst at head coach Andy Reid during Super Bowl 2024.

The incident occurred after a fumble by Isiach Pacheco, where Travis was off the field. Although emotions were high, Jason emphasized the need for composure, especially towards coaches.

“You crossed the line,” Jason said.

“The yelling in his face, too, was over the top. I think there are better ways to handle this, retrospectively.”

Travis admitted to going too far after shouting at and bumping Reid on the sideline during a tense moment.

“I can’t get that fired up to the point where I’m bumping coach and getting him off balance,” Travis said. “When he stumbled, I was just like, ‘Oh s**t’ in my head.”

Regretted pushing Reid

Travis, a three-time Super Bowl champion, expressed regret for his actions, acknowledging his passionate nature but recognizing the need for better emotional control in such situations.

“I love coach Reid,” he noted.

“Coach Reid knows how much I love to play for him, and how much I love to be the product of his coaching career. I’m not playing for anybody else but Big Red. If he calls it quits this year, I’m out there with him.”

“I’ve got a certain relationship with him,” he continued. “He’s checked me a few times and just wanted to let him know that I wanted this thing and he could put it on me and that I got him.”