Pretty emotional’: Watch: Taylor Swift’s Fan Breaks Security Protocol as she forced her way out of the Crowd to give Taylor Swift a GIFT while she was performing LIVE at her ERAS Tour in Australia

Tens of thousands of people are again descending on the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), dressed in their glittery finest, to attend Taylor Swift’s second show on the Australian leg of her Eras Tour.

The singer performed in front of the biggest crowd of her career at the MCG on Friday night.

One lucky nine-year-old fan was plucked from the 96,000 attendees last night and ushered to the stage.

There were so many people there and they chose me,” Year Four student Milana Bruno told 9News.

At the time, her mum Renata Bruno did not understand what was about to unfold.

“I actually thought we were in trouble, I was quite concerned,” Bruno said.

“But as we approached the stage and we got closer, I knew something good was about to happen, so we were shaky and nervous.”

Milana was greeted by the pop star and given a hat signed by the singer herself.

“Pretty emotional, because that was my first ever concert,” Milana said.

Milana’s sister got Taylor’s guitar pick, while they handed her a friendship bracelet in return.

Optus estimates its customers uploaded close to 500,000 photos at the MCG last night.