Jason Kelce Says He Had To Miss Usher Because Celebrities Mobbed Taylor Swift During SB Halftime

Jason Kelce missed every bit of Usher‘s halftime show on Sunday … saying the chaos surrounding Taylor Swift during the break in the Super Bowl’s action forced him to find cover elsewhere.

Travis Kelce‘s big brother made the revelation on Wednesday’s episode of “New Heights” … explaining so many celebs tried to get to Swift at halftime of the Chiefs vs. 49ers game at Allegiant Stadium, that he simply could not catch “a lick” of Usher’s big performance.

“There was so much happening in the suite,” the Philadelphia Eagles star said. “Turns out, everybody wants to meet Taylor.”

Jason said the A-listers looking to chat with the “Love Story” crooner included Shaquille O’Neal … and at point, so many people were there trying to grab her ear that it all got “overwhelming.”

“I mean, dude,” Jason said, “I think it was my first really understanding of kind of some of the things she has to deal with on a lot of basis. Because there was so many star-studded people there, where it’s like, ‘Dude, everybody wants to come see her,’ but the suite’s only so big.”


Jason implied, though, that Taylor handled it all with flying colors … something that didn’t surprise Travis one bit.

“Taylor thrives in those situations,” Swift’s boyfriend said on the podcast. “She’s been in them countless times in her life.”


Travis, meanwhile, said he too had yet to see Usher’s performance … although that’s not too surprising, considering he said on Wednesday’s show that he’s spent just about every minute since winning the championship partying his tail off.