Jason Kelce retires: What is the next move for the Eagles legend?

Philadelphia Eagles’ legendary center, Jason Kelce, bid farewell to his illustrious NFL career on Monday, marking the end of a 13-year journey filled with accolades and memorable triumphs. The 36-year-old, known for his tenacity and leadership, made the announcement during a press conference, drawing the curtains on a career that saw him earn seven Pro Bowl selections and six First-team All-Pro honors.

Kelce’s crowning achievement came in 2017 when he played a pivotal role in guiding the Eagles to their maiden Super Bowl triumph, etching his name in Philadelphia sports folklore. However, as one chapter closes, another beckons, with speculation rife about Kelce’s potential transition into the realm of NFL broadcasting.

According to Andrew Marchand of The Athletic, Kelce’s charisma and football acumen make him a coveted prospect for networks seeking to bolster their analyst roster. ESPN, CBS, and NBC are reportedly leading the charge in courting the retired center, with CBS emerging as a frontrunner due to its vacant studio desk following the Super Bowl.

Kelce has become a prominent figure off the field

Kelce’s charm extends beyond the gridiron, as evidenced by the success of the “New Heights” podcast, which he co-hosts with his younger brother and Kansas City Chiefs star, Travis Kelce. With a robust following of millions of listeners and over two million subscribers on YouTube, the podcast serves as a testament to Kelce’s ability to engage and captivate audiences.

The transition from player to pundit is not unprecedented in the NFL landscape, with luminaries like Tony Romo, J.J. Watt, and Greg Olsen seamlessly making the leap into broadcasting post-retirement. Adding to the allure, seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady is poised to join FOX as an analyst in 2024, further underscoring the demand for charismatic and knowledgeable voices in football media.

Kelce’s infectious personality and deep understanding of the game position him as a prime candidate for NFL analysis, ensuring stiff competition among networks vying for his services. As he embarks on this new chapter, Kelce’s impact is poised to extend beyond the trenches of the gridiron, shaping the narrative of the game for years to come.