Brave Kansas City Chiefs fans tackle parade shooting suspect in wild confirmed footage

The Kansas City Chiefs’ champions parade ended in tragedy but it could’ve been much worse if it wasn’t for a group of heroic fans who risked their lives to help the situation. There was a video that flooded the internet showing people at the parade tackling a person who was running. Initially, nobody could confirm whether the tackled person was one of the shooting suspects but then another video dropped. In this more up close footage, Kansas City Chiefs fans appear speaking to the police right after tackling the suspect. A confirmed citizen arrest in which the aerial footage shows two Kansas City Chiefs fans tackling the suspect.

Kansas City Chiefs’ fans speak to police after arrest

Not long after that, the police quickly arrived to aprehend the person who dropped a gun when he was struggling with the two fans who tackled him. As one of the heroic fans who tackled the suspect spoke to the police, he confirms the gun fell to the ground as they struggled. The conversation also confirms the other fan who helpe with the citizen arrest quickly bailed after the incident took place. As of right now, there hasn’t been any confirmed identities of the fans who performed that citizen arrest nor any of the suspects who were aprehended. Whoever those fans are, they deserved all the credit for risking their lives.

Situations like a mass shooting often have bystanders not even trying to be the hero an an extremely dangerous situation. These citizens never hesitated to tackle the person they saw running. Given that this suspect was more worried about ecaping then harming people, the fans who tackled him likely assessed the situation and deemed it not as dangerous as it probably seemed. Plus, there were quite a number of Kansas City Chiefs fans as the incident happened. But out of the multitude, there were two fans who worked together to stop the suspect.