Shots fired near the Kansas City Chiefs’ parade:Two confirmed dead at Union Station

Multiple police personnel have movilized to respond to what seems like an active shooter situation near the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade. Videos started emerging of multiple police agents rushing to a specific spot near west of Union Station. The party was going smoothly until this situation broke out. The incident took place near the station’s garage as many Chiefs fans were starting to depart the premises. According to Kansas City police, there are two suspects who have been detained after the incident broke out. Given the multitude of people at Union Station, the local police is having a challenging time getting all the people out of the underground premises.

Kansas City police confirms the shooting at Union Station

The Kansas City police department released an official statement in which they confim three suspects they detained after the incident. Also, they have confirmed there are shooting victims that are currently being treated but it was later confirmed two of them died. Here is the statement they put out through their official channels: “We need people to exit the area as quickly and safely as possible and avoid the parking garage in order to facilitate treatment of shooting victims. Many of you have footage of many officers securing union station, they are working to provide for the safety of everyone inside union station and expedite care of those injured.”

In the videos that have emerged online, we can see one where many officers are rushing towards a specific place while the crowd begins scattering from the parade. In a different piece of footage, there are officers with guns in their hands getting ready to go down the stairs of Union Station. The reports of fired shots were made at around 2 p.m. local time. According to another preliminary report from the Kansas City police, there were multiple people struck by these fired shots. Unfortunately, reports confirmed that at least two people died during this incident and another 20 people have been shot. Two of the victims are reported critical, the rest are safe.