Video found of NFL analysts blasting Chiefs for drafting Patrick Mahomes: ‘They should’ve drafted Watson’

In the high-stakes world of the NFL Draft, decisions made by front office executives can shape the destiny of a franchise for years to come. One such pivotal moment occurred in 2017 when the Kansas City Chiefs, under the guidance of then-General Manager John Dorsey, took a bold leap of faith by selecting Patrick Mahomes with the 10th overall pick.

At the time, opinions were divided. While Dorsey held unwavering belief in Mahomes’ potential to become a game-changing quarterback, some NFL analysts were skeptical. Social media recently resurfaced footage captures the doubt-laden assessments from prominent voices in sports media, including Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A. Smith, who questioned the Chiefs’ decision to bet on Mahomes over other successful prospects.

Sharpe, on FOX Sports’ Undisputed, expressed his reservations, echoing the sentiments of others who doubted Mahomes’ ability to live up to the hype. Meanwhile, Smith emphasized the comparison with Deshaun Watson, suggesting Mahomes isn’t the worthier pick. Yet, amid the skepticism, Dorsey stood firm, voicing his conviction that Mahomes possessed the rare combination of talent and determination necessary to excel at the highest level.

Mahomes has proved them all wrong

Fast forward to the present, and Mahomes has silenced his critics in the most emphatic manner possible. With three Super Bowl rings adorning his fingers, including back-to-back championships, Mahomes has etched his name among the NFL legends. His journey from being labeled “undisciplined” and “immature” to the pinnacle of professional football serves as a testament to his resilience and unwavering commitment to greatness.

As Mahomes and the Chiefs bask in the glory of their recent Super Bowl triumph, the narrative has come full circle. What once seemed like a risky gamble by the Chiefs’ front office has now been vindicated in the most spectacular fashion. With Mahomes eyeing a historic three-peat, the stage is set for him to etch his name in the records of NFL history as the first quarterback to lead his team to three consecutive championships.

In hindsight, John Dorsey’s foresight and unwavering belief in Patrick Mahomes have not only reshaped the fortunes of the Kansas City Chiefs but have also redefined the standards of quarterback excellence in the modern NFL. As Mahomes continues to rewrite the record books, his journey serves as a timeless reminder that greatness often emerges from the unlikeliest of beginnings.