Travis Kelce shared view on Odell Beckham Jr wanting to join Kansas City Chiefs

Travis Kelce shared view on Odell Beckham Jr wanting to join Kansas City Chiefs


Odell Beckham Jr is reportedly keen on joining the Kansas City Chiefs, with tight end Travis Kelce having previously made it clear that he would like the wide receiver to be his teammate



Travis Kelce has previously shared he’d love to have Odell Beckham Jr join his team – which is likely to impress the wide receiver who is keen to a move to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Beckham Jr, 31, has been released by the Baltimore Ravens after a single season, according to the Ravens’ official site and is now available to join a new team – and the Super Bowl champion chiefs are on the lookout for receiver reinforcements.

The Chiefs made headlines in February when they clinched their third Super Bowl win in the past five years and OBJ wants a piece of the action, according to a report by the Daily Mail. In fact, he is keen on joining the Chiefs, a team that beat the Ravens in the AFC Championship game on their way to back-to-back Vince Lombardi Trophy.

This is likely to be music to Kelce’s ears who has often mentioned that he would like to see the talented Pro Bowler join forces with him. The 34 year old discussed the possibility of Odell joining the Chiefs during a previous episode of his ‘New Heights’ podcast which he hosts with his brother and recently retired NFL player Jason.

In response to rumours about Beckham wanting to join Chiefs as a free agent post-ACL injury in October 2022: “It’s a start to a move, right? Like, you’re freeing up cap space to be able to do something,” Kelce remarked.

“I want them to come true. I have not heard anything in the locker room or anything around the facility . . . but I think something’s in the air.”

In March 2023, Beckham Jr was linked with the Chiefs again, along with other big name receivers such as DeAndre Hopkins Kelce said on his podcast that he would like Beckham Jr, who was without a team after leaving the Los Angeles Rams, to join them but wasn’t sure if they had enough money.

“We already got, we got some dogs in the receiver room right now though that’s the thing… I get it Odell, D-Hop top-tier guys,” he explained.

“We don’t have very much (money for receivers), I don’t think, I actually, I don’t know where our cap is right now and sure how close we are to it.”

In 2024, Beckham Jr’s cost is just under $4 million and at 31, after some injuries, he might not be as expensive. The Chiefs, led by coach Andy Reid and star player Patrick Mahomes, may look to sign Beckham Jr for a bargain price as they look to bolster a receiving corps that has lost Marquez Valdez-Scantling from their Super Bowl winning roster.

Beckham Jr waited a long time last year before getting a big deal with Baltimore, but he only started seven games. His regular season total of 565 yards from 35 catches, which is the most he’s ever got on average.

He helped the Ravens get to the AFC Championship game, but they lost to Mahomes, Kelce, and the Chiefs.

“He is a player who can help the Chiefs improve their groups of receivers, given how much the team struggled on offense at times last season, despite going on to win the Super Bowl. Regarding Beckham Jr’s future,” a source told “Odell will sign with someone in the next few days.”