Will Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce make their Met Gala 2024 debut?

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


Rumors are surfacing that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce could walk the carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) next May.


Taylor Swift

A few weeks before the 2024 edition titled ‘Sleeping Beauties’ takes place , the question arises whether the couple made up of the American star and the interpreter of ‘Red’ will have a surprise appearance at the gala.

Speculation increases when we take into account that Travis will not have to report to NFL training camp until July, and the event will be on May 6, three days before Tay resumes the Eras Tour in Paris.

However, this is not reliable evidence if we take into account that Taylor Swift does not walk the red carpet with her boyfriends, and the Met Gala is also kind of a loaded event in the Swift-verse . It’s where she danced with Tom Hiddleston, the same night she met Joe Alwyn, whom she would date immediately after Hiddleston.

Putting Travis Kelce in the mix might be too much… Or a way to wipe the slate clean?

This year’s dress code is ‘The Garden of Time’ which can be interpreted in many ways, although we suspect a lot of attendees will take the ‘garden’ part literally and include some botanical elements in their looks.

Taylor Swift has attended six Met Galas and has worn a floor-length dress in all of them, except in 2016, when she wore a metallic Louis Vuitton minidress with a powerful dark lipstick. It was there that she met the aforementioned boys.