Travis Kelce explodes with anger on Andy Reid: Chiefs teammates had to hold him back

Travis Kelce has reached the pinnacle of football due to talent and an undying passion for the game. But during the second quarter of Super Bowl LVIII, he let it get the best of him.

After Isiah Pacheco fumbled in the red zone, Kelce unleashed his rage at his head coach, Andy Reid.

Why was Travis Kelce so mad at Andy Reid?

On the play where Pacheco fumbled, Kelce had gotten subbed out. Of course, Kelce wanted to be out there, and he feels the fumble may have been avoided if he was the one out there blocking for Pacheco.

It’s rare to see a player go at a head coach, but Kelce and Reid have been together for some time and have earned that one-to-one relationship. Still, it’s not a great look for someone who’s been in the spotlight more than usual this season thanks to his relationship with Taylor Swift.

Kelce may also be reeling from being held in check by the San Francisco 49ers defense.