The Kelce family had to adjust to being part of the Taylor Swift celebrity life

Only Taylor Swift can handle the life of an idol she leads, everybody who spends time in her world d will have to go through an adjustment period. It’s not just the fame and the celebrity status she has to deal with, people around her will also have to learn how to deal with her fans. Over the years, Swifties have gathered a reputation for bein extremely passionate about their idol. Every time she gets attacked in any way, they organize to strike back to anybody who dares to go at her. In many ways, attacking Taylor Swift is attacking millions of people who idolize her. But this similar overwhelming feeling goes to the people around her who are in good terms with the popstar. This takes special importance for Taylor Swift’s love interests, Travis Kelce included.

How the Kelce family deals with the Taylor Swift fame

The one who offered an inside explanation of how the entire Kelce family deals with this level of fame was Jason Kelce. He was recently on ‘The Big Podcast with Shaq’ to discuss how everybody in the gamily deals with this phenomenon. Jason talked about the overwhelming aspect of it all but also the impact Taylor Swift has on every single person who enters her world. Since the couple started dating, the Kelce brothers’ podcast became the most famous in the world. Also, the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs broke many records of both broadcast and stadium attendance. Super Bowl LVIII was also the most watched in modern history. It is truly an overwhelming sensation.

Jason Kelce revealed how Travis Kelce had to move out of his house when he started dating Taylor Swift due to her fans. He said: “It’s crazy what it opens up opportunity wise. It’s crazy to feel how much joy you bring people or how much you affect people’s daily lives. It’s also incredibly, it has drawbacks, for sure … And Travis knows, right, more than I do. He had to completely move out of his house. And the first day he moved into the new house … in a gated community somebody knocks on the back window of the house. We’re still learning. I mean, so listen, we’ve always been big in the football world, Travis especially. The Taylor world and the pop culture world, that’s a whole different level. You’re in a different, it’s just an added level of – it’s a new demographic that wasn’t there before.”