She Is A Pro, It Doesn’t Matter What Haters Think- Travis and Jason Kelce praise Taylor Swift for chugging drink at 2024 Super Bowl

Travis and Jason Kelce shared their admiration for Taylor Swift’s viral drink-chugging moment at the 2024 Super Bowl during a discussion on their New Heights podcast. The NFL football brothers recounted how Swift, alongside her friend Ashley Avignone, was featured on the jumbotron at Allegiant Stadium, effortlessly downing her drink.

Praising Swift

Travis praised Swift’s skills, suggesting she had prior experience in such endeavors. Meanwhile, Jason noted Swift’s composure amidst the star-studded event, where she was joined by a plethora of celebrities in her suite, including Blake Lively, Lana Del Rey, and Shaquille O’Neal.

“I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t know what was going on at first,” Jason noted in reference to the drink-chugging moment.

“I was sitting behind them and I saw them go for the drinks, and then ‘Oh, oh this is happening. Chug. Chug.’ She’s getting plastered, pretty cool.

“This was on the Jumbotron, nice. Oh, and the slam down!”

Swift’s presence at the game and afterparty with Travis and the Chiefs led to several viral moments, including the couple serenading each other with her hits, enjoying a late-night snack at the club, and sharing an on-field kiss following the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory.