Rob McElhenney’s gesture that thrills Jason Kelce: he’s offering $35,000 for Kylie Kelce’s signed Eagles jacket

Rob McElhenney's gesture that thrills Jason Kelce: he's offering $35,000 for Kylie Kelce's signed Eagles jacket


Philadelphia Eagles’ veteran center Jason Kelce recently spread some holiday cheer by sharing an endearing glimpse into his family life. Kelce, known for his prowess on the football field, took to social media to unveil a heartwarming holiday card featuring himself, his wife Kylie, and their three adorable daughters. In the snapshot, the Kelce family radiates warmth and joy, capturing the essence of the holiday season. Decked out in festive attire, they exude happiness and togetherness, showcasing a beautiful family bond.

Jason Kelce Shares his Adorable Holiday Card with Wife Kylie and 3 Daughters

Kelce, recognized not only for his football skills but also for his involvement in the community, offered fans a peek into his personal life, emphasizing the importance of family and celebration during this special time of year.

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The heartwarming holiday card swiftly became a talking point across social media platforms, eliciting warm wishes and admiration from fans and followers. Kelce’s gesture of sharing this intimate moment with his family resonated deeply, spreading smiles and festive cheer among those who caught a glimpse of the adorable photo.