Random Ramsdom: Jason Kelce talks about Aaron Donald not recording a sack against the Eagles

Random Ramsdom: Jason Kelce talks about Aaron Donald not recording a sack against the Eagles


Aaron Donald has retired as the Los Angeles Rams set course for life without #99. Jason Kelce apparently discussed the fact that Donald did not have one sack in his career against the Eagles. You can read about the quote below. It’s interesting. Pretty wild that both Kelce and Donald should be going into the Hall of Fame at the same time.



Maybe Madden should consinder putting both players on the new Madden cover this year? Donald apparently wants to be on the cover. I am envisioning both players shirtless and on the front of Madden. That’s the world I want to live in.

“Aaron Donald has tallied a sack against every NFL team except the New York Jets, the Philadelphia Eagles, and obviously the Rams. But in a recent episode of the New Heights Podcast, former Eagles offensive lineman Jason Kelce says that there is a reason Donald never got a sack against his team.

“I gotta set this record straight because I see a lot of people on social media list all of Aaron’s sacks against quarterbacks. People [say, Donald] never had a sack against the Eagles. Oh, the Eagles had his number.” Kelce said. “We double-teamed him, we triple-teamed him every single game, alright. He is the only defensive tackle we have ever gone up against where the entire game plan is situated on not having him ruin the game. The only one.”

Donald is one of the most successful pass-rushers of this generation and is one of the most intimidating of all time. According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, Donald has been doubled 1,797 times in the last six years.”

“Now that he’s retired, there’s no concern about a so-called “Madden Curse” for Donald, which will put Rams fans at ease if EA does make him the face of this year’s game. And as the player with the most 99 overall ratings in Madden history, it’s about time he gets recognized for his dominance on the virtual gridiron, in addition to the actual one.

Better yet, Donald wants to be on the cover. A Rams fan on Reddit screenshotted Donald’s Instagram story where he pitched being on the cover.”

“Pearsall began his college career at Arizona State before transferring to Florida in 2022. With the Gators he had 661 yards in 2022 and a career-high 965 last season, scoring 12 total touchdowns in those two years with Florida.

“After Aaron Donald’s retirement (sadface pause) mock drafts have been giving the Rams Clemson DT Ruke Orhorhoro in the 2nd round. Ram fan site writers Cameron DaSilva and Bret Stuter both recently mocked him to us at pick 52. This is an appropriate time to study Orhorhoro is more detail.

Lance Zierlein’s comp for Orhorhoro is Justin Madubuike, a player I really liked in the 2020 draft. Madubuike just got a 4-year $98 million contract from the Ravens, a deal that at the time made him the 2nd highest paid DT (per average salary) in the NFL, behind only Donald. Chris Jones and Christian Wilkins both subsequently got bigger deals, so Madubuike currently is the 3rd highest paid DT in the league.

Prior to the 2020 draft, KA did a poll on TST asking who the Rams should pick at 52 and only 1% of the votes cast were in favor of Madubuike. I said that Madubuike was a potential surprise 1st rd pick, was impressive with the on-field positional drills at the Combine, particularly the hoop drill, had jaw-dropping power and athleticism, a ceiling as high as any early 1st round pick and could be a top 10 overall pick if we went purely off of physical traits, but that he was very inconsistent, had raw technique, got buried by double teams, washed out of his gap and turned sideways, and had a low floor like a late round pick.”