Patrick Mahomes’ incredible letter that predicted his future and is now being requested for the Hall of Fame

Before the 2017 NFL Draft, Patrick Mahomes took an unconventional approach to showcase his worth to NFL teams. He penned a Cover Letter addressed to every franchise, articulating his fervent desire and determination to succeed at the highest level of football.

While the contents of the letter remain relatively undisclosed to the public, its significance lies in illuminating Mahomes’ unparalleled drive and conviction.

Mahomes’ cover letter

While the specifics of Mahomes’ letter may remain veiled, its impact reverberates through his meteoric rise to become one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in NFL history.

“Dear NFL Coaches and General Managers,” read the letter that was published by The Players Tribune.

“For months now, I’ve been answering your questions to the best of my ability. Walking you through my game tape, reciting plays back to you and breaking down my decision-making process, from what time I go to bed to what I eat for breakfast every morning.

“You’ve watched me run and jump and lift weights and throw the ball as far as I can. You’ve wondered aloud if I can adjust to the speed of the pro game and adapt to the complexity of an NFL offense.

“All of those things are important and, for the most part, they all involve football in some way. But they’re still not quite football. They’re not the same as being out there in a game, in the huddle with my team.

“I will not whine or complain during the process. I won’t be a distraction, on or off the field.

“I will put in the hours to master your playbook. I won’t stop until I get everything right, down to the smallest detail.

“I may make mistakes along the way. And I won’t win every single game I play during my career. I won’t retire with a perfect passer rating or zero career interceptions. But I’ll try as hard as anybody.

“I’m ready to start the journey to a championship. And, more than anything else in the world, I’m ready to suit up and play some football. The sooner we can get to it, the better.

Mahomes has gone on to become one of the finest quarterbacks in the NFL history. At the age of 28, he has already won three Super Bowls, three Super Bowl MVPs and two NFL Most Valuable Player awards in 2018 and 2022.