“Overjoyed, Jason Kelce’s mom celebrates as she finally welcomes her first male grandchild, saying, ‘I can’t believe I’m holding my son’s son!’”

She is the first mother to have two sons playing against each other in a Super Bowl — Jason Kelce, who hikes the ball to Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, versus Travis Kelce, who catches passes from Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

“It’s gonna be really tough but I’m just gonna cheer my head off when the offense is on the field,” Donna Kelce told The Post. “So I’m gonna be screaming the entire game. I’m gonna root for both of ’em to score. A lot.”

She has witnessed each of them winning a Super Bowl, but at the end of the night, it will be a bittersweet feeling for her knowing that only one of them will have a second ring.

“Somebody’s gonna go home a loser for sure, and one of ’em’s gonna be heartbroken because they didn’t beat their brother,” Donna said. “That’s what it’s gonna come down to, it’s gonna come down to bragging rights.”

It was a bragging-rights childhood in the Kelce’s home in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. “It was always a competition,” Donna said. “Who gets to the table first. Who’s got the last chicken wing. Who’s gonna get in the front seat of the car. Who’s gonna take the elevator and get down to the bottom floor first. It just always was competition. And they don’t like to lose. They want to win, and that’s just the way they are.”