Jackson Mahomes made a scene after Patrick’s Super Bowl win but embarrassed Brittany refused to join in

Travis Kelce proved after the Kansas City Chiefs took down the San Francisco 49ers that there is a time and place to celebrate your team’s Super Bowl win by screaming to a crowd.

Jackson Mahomes, on the other hand, showed there is also a time and place not to do that, as he made a scene for social media at Allegiant Stadium, and some of his embarrassed family members weren’t eager to join in.

Jackson Mahomes causes a scene

The 23-year-old posted a series of videos and photos of his experience at Allegiant Stadium, watching his brother Patrick Mahomes claim a second straight Super Bowl title and his third Super Bowl MVP with the Chiefs.

An excited Jackson tried to hype up a group of Chiefs fans that included several of his family members as they rode the elevator from the suite down to the field to celebrate, but they did not share his enthusiasm in the crowded space.

“How you feeling, Red?” he shouted in the crowded elevator. His mom, Randi Mahomes, was the only one to join in, while Patrick’s wife Brittany Mahomes seemed to give him a glare of disapproval while holding their son Bronze.

“Super Bowl Champs,” he yelled into his phone in the following Instagram story, once they had left the elevator.

Jackson Mahomes faces criticism in Las Vegas

The elevator incident wasn’t the only time Jackson made a scene while the Mahomes family was in Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII. On Friday night, security barred him from joining Brittany in her section at a Future concert. She stirred social media with her reaction, dismissing his efforts to persuade security to let him in.

The younger Mahomes brother faces plenty of scrutiny on social media for a number of reasons. He garnered hate from Swifties following interactions with Taylor Swift because of his sexual battery case, which was recently dropped.

Others accuse him of claiming his brother’s legendary NFL success as his own and riding his coattails to social media fame. The forced celebrations Sunday night that he did for the cameras certainly won’t help his case.