“I Have Tolerated Enough”: Jason Kelce Publicly Disowns Mom Donna Over Sweet Compliments to Travis


In an unexpected turn of events, Philadelphia Eagles’ center Jason Kelce took to social media to publicly disown his own mother, Donna Kelce. The controversy erupted after Donna shared heartfelt compliments about Jason’s brother, Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce, prompting a scathing response from the Eagles’ player.

Donna Kelce Mom Sparks Reactions: "I love my son beyond the love of a mother. I wish I can marry Travis. I Feel Jealous and Go Crazy Each time I Remember he will Soon Get married to Taylor Swift."

Donna Kelce had expressed her admiration for Travis’s achievements on and off the field, celebrating his success with a series of sweet compliments on a public platform. However, instead of appreciating the supportive words, Jason responded with a shocking statement: “I have tolerated enough. Blood doesn’t excuse disrespect. #EnoughIsEnough.” The cryptic message left fans and followers bewildered, sparking a wave of speculation regarding the family dynamics between the Kelce brothers and their mother. While Jason did not provide specific details about the alleged disrespect, the public disownment suggests a serious rift within the family.

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The social media post quickly gained attention, with fans expressing their concerns and curiosity about the situation. Many wondered if this public fallout was the result of longstanding issues or a recent disagreement within the Kelce family.