Fans React To Travis Kelce Singing Taylor Swift Song [Karma is the guy on the chiefs]

Fans React To Travis Kelce Singing Taylor Swift Song [Karma is the guy on the chiefs]


Three-time Super Bowl champion and aspiring singer Travis Kelce has not only put together a storied NFL career that will likely land him in the Hall of Fame, but in his spare time, he and his brother Jason have ascended to the top of the podcast charts with their show, “New Heights.”



Of course, the Kelce family’s fame also ascended to new heights this past season when Travis started dating Taylor Swift.

The relationship brought a ton of new eyeballs both to the podcast and to the TV screens during NFL games where the Swifties routinely enjoyed watching Travis be himself, and the most recent podcast episode was no different as fans loved hearing the tight end break out a little Taylor Swift with his rendition of ‘Bad Blood.’

Who knew fans could get so excited over an 8-second podcast clip?

For reference, Kelce’s ‘Bad Blood’ rendition was referring to the reportedly tumultuous relationship between quarterback Kenny Pickett and the Pittsburgh Steelers, who recently traded him to Jason’s former Eagles after he did not handle the team’s acquisition of Russell Wilson very well.

Pickett will now back up Jalen Hurts, and he said he preferred to move on from Pittsburgh and start over somewhere else.

Travis upset the Swifties with a little bad blood of his own during the Super Bowl when he was seen screaming at head coach Andy Reid, but it appears he has been forgiven after acknowledging he went too far.

Maybe next time Jason will get involved and make it a duet.