Young Gymnast From Minnesota Leaves Simone Biles Head Over Heels With His Smooth Delivery

Young Gymnast From Minnesota Leaves Simone Biles Head Over Heels With His Smooth Delivery


Winning 7 medals in the Olympics, Simone Biles’s gymnastics performances are still unforgettable for fans. Known for her perfect performances in various events like vault, beam, and uneven bars, Biles has thrilled fans, making headlines in the world. Recently, Biles praised a little gymnast named Jude Norris who attempted her moves that she shared through her Instagram Story.


Young Gymnast From Minnesota Leaves Simone Biles Head Over Heels With His Smooth Delivery

Jude Norris is a young gymnast from the University of Minnesota. Complimenting his attempt to perform the moves, Biles gave her frank opinion on the double pike that the gymnast performed.



Simone Biles’s warm appreciation after seeing Jude Norris’s video

The video presenter states in the video’s beginning, “Trying skills the GOAT Simone Biles does.” After displaying Biles performing the Straddle Tkatchev, Norris can be seen making the same move. This move involves hanging on the bar, swinging frontwards, and then later swinging backward. The next move that the young gymnast attempted was the front full through to full in.



This move consists of twisting in the air and ensuring that after landing, one faces the similar direction one began from.
Further, after exhibiting how Biles performed the Yurchenko double pike without any mistakes, the video showcases Norris doing the same move. This move consists of rotating in the air twice before trying to land perfectly. According to the Washington Post, Biles was the first female to execute this move in competitive gymnastics.




Reacting to this video, Biles replied on Instagram, “The double pike made me laugh but the others were”, adding clapping emojis to show her appreciation. This is not the only time the star gymnast has praised young gymnasts for their exceptional performances. Earlier, Biles had also shown her support for Auburn Tigers gymnast Suni Lee and alpine skiing legend Mikaela Shiffrin.

Simone Biles backs Suni Lee and Mikaela Shiffrin
The gymnastics champion complimented Lee after she secured a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics games, in 2021. Tremendously happy, Biles penned on Instagram, “CONGRATS PRINCESS. absolutely killed it. “
She also stated, “OLYMPIC CHAMPION RIGHT HERE !!! So so so beyond proud of you!!!!”



The star gymnast also gave a boost to Mikaela Shiffrin after she was unable to perform well in the Winter 2022 Olympics. After the alpine skier shared an Instagram post, complaining of how people tried to pull her down, Biles responded to this post. Expressing her pride at Shiffrin’s achievements, she told Shiffrin to recall her amazing prowess, adding that she will be rooting for her.
Biles’s commendation of Jude Norris depicts her love for gymnastics despite pulling out from the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. Her legacy will definitely inspire athletes to raise the bar and excel in gymnastics.


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