“You Are So Deserving”: Simone Biles’ Sister Gushes Over Her Girlfriend’s ‘Player of the Year’ Win

“You Are So Deserving”: Simone Biles’ Sister Gushes Over Her Girlfriend’s ‘Player of the Year’ Win


Simone Biles stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of gymnastics. Amidst the spotlight that follows her every move, there is a story of a sisterly bond filled with support and deep admiration. Adria Biles, the younger sister of the gymnastic prodigy, has always been more than just a spectator in Simone Biles’s journey; she has been an embodiment of sisterly love that knows no bounds.


As Simone Biles soared to new heights on the mat, Adria stood on the sidelines, cheering for her sister’s every twist and turn. As Simone Biles clinched victory at the 2023 Core Hydration Classic recently, the world of sports erupted in celebration of her extraordinary feat. However, Simone Biles is not the only one for whom Adria Biles cheered. There is one more MVP, for whom Adria penned an encomium.

Simone Biles’ sister cheers for another MVP

Through her Instagram story, Adria Biles expressed her love and admiration for softball star Janae Jefferson. Sharing a post from Women’s Professional Fastpitch, she shone the spotlight on Janae Jefferson, her girlfriend, who won the Player of the year title and exclaimed, “Janae Jefferson beyond proud of you!!” Adria Biles shared an image of Women’s Professional Fastpitch where Janae Jefferson was heralded “Player of the Year” by the league, captioning it, “You are so deserving my love! MVP MVP MVP.” The captions echoed with pride and love, celebrating not only Janae’s achievement but also the depth of their connection.

Janae Jefferson, the woman who captured Adria Biles’ heart, is a force of excellence in her own right. Janae, a professional softball player for the Texas Smoke, has achieved success through hard work and talent.

With her name associated with the Texas and Big 12 record for 362 career hits, she has the distinction of setting records. A mentor beyond the accolades, she even taught Adria how to throw a football.

The unbreakable bond of sisterhood and family
Adria’s girlfriend, Janae Jefferson, has seamlessly become part of their family, her presence welcomed with open arms. She even graced the occasion of Simone Biles’ wedding to Jonathan Owens, a testament to the strong bonds that tie them together.

Beyond sports and accomplishments, Simone and Adria Biles’ story is one of irreplaceable love and respect. From childhood difficulties to the triumphs of adulthood, they’ve walked hand in hand, their journeys intertwined in with love, trust, and support. As Simone Biles’ triumphant return to gymnastics captivates hearts, Adria stands as a beacon of encouragement not only to her girlfriend but to her best friend and sister Simone Biles over the years.


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