Years After Happy Wedding, NFL’s Best Couple Patrick Mahomes and Gorgeous Brittany Meets a Red Flag

Years After Happy Wedding, NFL's Best Couple Patrick Mahomes and Gorgeous Brittany Meets a Red Flag


Patrick Mahomes and Brittany’s love story reads like a heartwarming romance movie. These high school sweethearts have retained each other’s unwavering support, and their journey recently culminated in the completion of their dream home in Belton, where they are now a picture-perfect family of four. The former soccer star constantly delights the fans with updates about her day-to-day life, which apparently has come out as one of the red flags.


Entertainer Nicki Swift recently released a video featuring the NFL’s power couple, where she delves into various marital red flags that have sparked concerns among fans. Backed by research and fueled by longstanding fan speculations, this video adds an intriguing layer to their love story.

Patrick Mahomes was tricked into marriage?

Nicki’s video kicked off by highlighting Twitter users’ reactions to Brittany and Patrick’s wedding, some of whom suggested that the lavish event might have been a financial strain, especially during Brittany’s first pregnancy. Additionally, she also added comments, which speculated that Brittany had possibly discontinued using birth control after Patrick’s monumental $500 million deal with the Chiefs following their Super Bowl LIV victory.

Delving deeper into the couple’s social media presence, Nicki pointed out their frequent sharing of cute and romantic photos, citing a study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. This study indicated that individuals who work diligently to project a picture-perfect of their love life may, in fact, be grappling with feelings of insecurity. This insight challenges the power couple image that Patrick Mahomes and his wife have carefully crafted. Nicki also highlighted research showing that people tend to post more on Facebook when they’re experiencing loneliness and vulnerability.

Nicki’s analysis suggests that the couple’s constant social media presence might indicate underlying vulnerability in their marriage, raising intriguing questions within the NFL community. She teased additional intricate details that could potentially bring trouble for the couple.

Brittany dislikes Mahomes’ admirers?
As the video continued, Nicki highlighted Brittany’s discomfort around Mahomes’ female admirers, noting how she dismisses them as a waste of her time and makes it clear she won’t let them disturb her peace. Nicki raised this as a red flag, pointing out that Mahomes may feel compelled to shut down these admirers to ensure his wife’s comfort.

Moreover, Nicki referenced a revealing moment from the couple’s GQ quiz, where the 2x MVP disclosed how Brittany becomes quiet and emotionally withdrawn when upset. A clip from the interview showed Mahomes expressing his difficulty in communicating with Brittany during these episodes.

The video concluded by revisiting Mahomes’ injury in the previous season’s divisional round against the Jaguars, with Brittany repeatedly mentioning how it may have affected her, which was also counted as a red flag.

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