‘Wounds too deep’; Kate Middleton will ‘never forgive’ Meghan Markle, but William ready make peace with Harry

'Wounds too deep’; Kate Middleton will ‘never forgive' Meghan Markle, but William ready make peace with Harry


Kate Middleton and Prince William are reportedly at odds over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s potential return to England. A well-placed source by OK! magazine has shed light on the complex emotions surrounding this Royal clash.


'Wounds too deep’; Kate Middleton will ‘never forgive' Meghan Markle, but William ready make peace with Harry

The source revealed to the publication that Kate Middleton had taken a firm stance, seemingly unswayed by the possibility of reconciliation. The couple’s notorious interview with Oprah Winfrey, along with Harry and Meghan’s revealing docuseries, appears to have left deep scars.

“Kate has drawn a hard line in the sand — she’s not changing her mind about them. They never apologized for their lies,” OK! quoted the insider as disclosing.

For Prince William, however, the situation is more intricate. The bond between the brothers is undeniable, despite the turmoil. “But it’s harder for William because Harry is his brother. It’s a horrible situation all around,” the source told OK!, giving insight into William’s internal struggle.

The rift apparently widened after the “Megxit” controversy, where Meghan shared a personal anecdote about the late Princess Diana during an interview. This act seemed to cut deeply into Kate, leading to what the insider dubbed “the ultimate betrayal”.

“It was the ultimate betrayal. The wounds are just too deep to be easily healed,” OK! quoted the insider as saying.

In a surprising twist, Prince William is reportedly considering solving issues with Harry as he feels it’s “long overdue”. This unexpected development signals a potential shift in William’s approach, as he aims to mend the frayed family ties.

However, Kate Middleton’s stance remains resolute. She reportedly believes that the damage inflicted upon the Royal Family by Meghan and Harry is too severe to overlook. This sentiment has led to tense discussions between William and Kate, as they grapple with differing views on forgiveness and reintegration.

The source concluded by revealing the depth of Kate’s feelings: “She’ll never forgive Meghan for what she did.”


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