“Unexpected & Unplanned” Jason Kelce wife Kylie Reveals the Tale of Her baby no.4 Pregnancy on the way

“Unexpected & Unplanned” Jason Kelce wife Kylie Reveals the Tale of Her baby no.4 Pregnancy on the way


Jason Kelce is not only enjoying success in his professional life but is also spending tranquil moments with his family. Jason is blessed with a terrific career and a delightful family. His greatest treasures are his lovable kids. However, there is an untold story about how Jason and Kylie Kelce baby number four.


“Unexpected & Unplanned” Jason Kelce wife Kylie Reveals the Tale of Her baby no.4 Pregnancy on the way

Kylie Kelce reveals her ‘pregnancy secret’
The wife of the Philadelphia Eagles star recently took part in a fan Q&A session on Instagram. There, fans asked her several questions as they wanted to know more about the life of their favorite QB. Many questions asked by fans were about her children and her pregnancy.

One of the questions asked was why she got pregnant when still breastfeeding. Kylie coyly wrote, “Nope, lol.It just Happened .” This is how she revealed the truth behind her fourth pregnancy, which was actually unplanned.

When the couple was pregnant with their first child, they were only engaged. After Jason proposed to Kylie, they revealed later that month that they were expecting their first child together. The couple then tied the knot in  2018.

Jason Kelce Talks Being a Girl Dad

Jason Kelce is one proud father!

The Philadelphia Eagles player, 35, spoke exclusively with PEOPLE on the set of his upcoming Campbell’s Chunky commercial — which also stars his brother, Travis Kelce, and their mom, Donna Kelce — about his love of being a girl dad and how life has been since he and wife Kylie Kelce welcomed their third baby earlier this year.

“I need to knock on wood, but we really lucked out,” says Jason, who is dad to daughters Bennett, 11 weeks, Elliotte, 2, and Wyatt, 3. “It’s really easy, to be honest with you, so we’re still waiting for that shoe to drop.”

Noting how he thinks things may change and get “difficult” once his youngest daughter is “up and actually moving around,” the football star continues, “Right now Kylie is attached to Bennett for pretty much the whole day, so my job is the other two running around — and that’s the easy part.”

He adds, “I’m having fun with them, throwing them on the sofa. We just got a playground put in out back. So it’s starting to get a lot of fun with the older two, especially.”

Jason and Kylie, 31, wed in Philadelphia in April 2018 and welcomed Wyatt on Oct. 2, 2019. Their second daughter Elliotte followed on March 4, 2021, and the couple’s third daughter was born on Feb. 23, 2023.

Being a girl dad, Jason says, is a role that fills him with so much joy. “I love all my girls,” he tells PEOPLE.

“Before I had children, I told myself if I ever have a daughter, I’m just going to treat them exactly the same as a son. I don’t think that you should treat kids necessarily different,” Jason continues. “And then when I had a daughter, I was like, ‘I’m not going to spoil her, I’m going to raise her tough. She’s going to be hard.’ And the moment she came out, I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s not going to work.’ ”

Jason says his two oldest girls are similar but different in unique ways, explaining that “Wyatt is headstrong and very opinionated” while Elliotte “is more go with the flow, kind of just following her big sister.”

“I think I told my mom after Wyatt was born, maybe the first year, I was like, ‘I’m sorry, I had no idea what you guys were actually sacrificing and doing on a daily basis for us,’ ” the NFL center adds. “Being a father is by far the biggest highlight of my life, no question about it.”


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