Troubling update about Simone Biles and husband Jonathan Owens ” she might not forgive him for this”

Troubling update about Simone Biles and husband Jonathan Owens


Simone Biles opened up about her life in a refreshing interview. The Olympic gymnast has brought a revolutionary perspective to her sport, emphasizing the significance of mental well-being alongside physical prowess. Her coach, Landi, plays a pivotal role in guiding her flawless routines, while her husband, Jonathan Owens , provides unwavering emotional support, even from miles away. In a twinning win moment, her husband, who plays for the Green Bay Packers, earned a spot on the 53-man roster, securing the opening safety position.


Once again, their upcoming demanding schedules will necessitate relying on online connectivity through FaceTime, texts, and calls. Over time, the Owens have become adept at creating professional moments by traveling to see each other for quality time. Recently, amid the buzz surrounding her participation in the Paris Olympics, Biles shared insights into her married life with Owens.

Simone Biles gets candid about life with NFL safety husband

On September 7, the 26-year-old gymnast was all over the Today show, speaking to Hoda Kotbon. The ladies had a brief chat about all that had happened in the Biles’ life since her stellar champion return and beyond. Just after Kotbon had Biles spill the Olympic Games news, she moved to her next ask talking to the newlywed, about how married life has been. Biles replied, “Unfortunately, we’re Long Distance.”

In addition to her one-line truth, she went on to say how Owens signed the Packers’ offer less than a week after their Cabo San Lucas wedding. Everything happened quickly shortly after he moved to Wisconsin for training. She said, “It’s been different but at least we’re both busy”. The gymnast added that having each other’s time to work on their different sports is what keeps the duo engaged.



In 2021, a similar situation unfolded as Biles was occupied with the Tokyo Olympics while Owens remained in Texas, working towards securing a spot in the Houston Texas’ season roster. The athletic couple successfully navigated the challenges of maintaining their relationship over a 14-hour distance during the pandemic two years ago, only to find themselves in a similar scenario once more. Nevertheless, their bond has grown stronger over time, as reflected in their performance during the current sporting season.

Putting it fairly, the 8X all-around gymnast said, “It’s been nice and we cherish the moments we get together”. And, once again, the couple was seen having a breather before the next big commitment, sharing the lead command of their respective sports.

Simone Biles takes a break from the spotlight
In his short break before the 17 games for Green Bay Packers began this NFL season, Owens flew home. The pair were seen visiting their under-construction property after hinting at plans to have children. As the happy couple got home, a slew of pictures surfaced on the gymnast’s Instagram, the most breathtaking of which was the image of their diamond-studded wedding rings. Their in-person time together remains limited as they both approach their respective sporting challenges. Even during their most recent interview yesterday, Biles joined from her gymnastics center, leaving them with little to no free time.

As part of their commitment, the couple openly supports each other on social media. This week, Owens will play safety for the Packers against the Chicago Bears, following their 2/3 preseason win. Biles is currently focused and is looking forward to the 2024 Paris Olympics.


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