Travis Kelce’s mom Donna calls Taylor Swift ‘extremely talented’ after Revealing she Watched ‘Awesome’ Eras Tour film: ‘I was Totally Enthralled’

Travis Kelce's mom Donna calls Taylor Swift 'extremely talented' after Revealing she Watched 'Awesome' Eras Tour film: 'I was Totally Enthralled'


Travis Kelce’s mother Donna Kelce is swiftly becoming a Swiftie. The NFL player’s parent recently enjoyed a viewing of Taylor Swift’s concert film The Eras Tour and revealed she was a big fan of both the movie and its star.


‘I did see it and I did like it. It was awesome,’ Donna told People on Wednesday following the Florida screening of her son’s girlfriend’s box office hit.

Donna went on to call Taylor ‘extremely, extremely talented’ and said she ‘was just totally enthralled’ with the pop star during the movie, adding that Taylor’s ‘presence to be able to connect with people’ is ‘just amazing.’

Over the weekend, Donna, 71, was spotted at the Florida cinema while the Shake It Off singer, 33, performed in Buenos Aires, Argentina while accompanied by her beau, 34, who was off amid the Kansas City Chiefs bye week.

Dannielle Sparks, a Swift fan, posted on the social media a pic she took with Donna and a clip in which she explained how she crossed paths with the mom of two NFL stars, as Donna’s older son Jason Kelce, 36, is also an accomplished player in the league.

Sparks said in a TikTok post Sunday that she subsequently shared to Instagram that she took notice of Donna, who walked into the theater ‘at the very beginning’ of the screening.

Sparks said she asked Donna’s friend, ‘Has anyone ever told her she looks just like Travis Kelce’s mother?’

Donna then told her directly, ‘Oh yeah, I am, but I’m just a mom,’ Sparks said.

Sparks said it was ‘the greatest moment of her life’ when Donna posed for a selfie with her, describing her as ‘the sweetest human ever,’ while remarking on what a random coincidence it was to meet her.

Travis has also met Swift’s parents, as he was seen with her father Scott Swift in Buenos Aires, where the singer paid musical homage to her boyfriend with an adjustment to the lyrics to her track Karma.

While the song’s lyrics read, ‘Karma is the guy on the screen,’ Swift said, ‘Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me.’

On Tuesday, Travis revealed on his podcast that he might have had an inkling that the lyric change was going to happen.