Travis Kelce’s Baby Fever Ignites Speculation About His Future With Taylor Swift “can’t wait to start making babies with Tay”

Travis Kelce's Baby Fever Ignites Speculation About His Future With Taylor Swift


First comes love, then comes a vague podcast declaration? NFL player and professional podcaster Travis Kelce sent tongues wagging all over social media on March 20 with the release of a new episode of the Kelce brothers’ “New Heights” podcast.


Travis Kelce's Baby Fever Ignites Speculation About His Future With Taylor Swift "can't wait to start making babies with Tay"

Only fifteen minutes into the bombshell episode, the famous brothers got into a conversation about 7-foot-4-inch NBA player Victor Wembanyama, specifically when it comes to his towering physique. Travis then referred to him as a “lab-grown NBA player.” But that’s not all. He swiftly sent all “Swelce” stans and fans into a spiral when he casually uttered, “Can’t wait ’til I f***ing make one,” much to the chagrin of his older bro, Jason. “Don’t do this. Do not give any of these other conspiracy theorists anything else to latch on to. Please,” the now-retired NFL player pleaded, referencing rumors about Swift and Travis’s relationship.

As one can imagine, the internet practically went up in flames at the mere mention of Travis procreating — especially since his girlfriend just so happens to be the Taylor Alison Swift. Now, many are speculating about the possibility of the couple growing a little lab diamond of their own and anything else that might be in store for Travis Kelce and Swift’s relationship timeline.

Following the release of Travis and Jason Kelce’s March 20 “New Heights” podcast episode, many took to X, formerly Twitter, to discuss. “Travis saying this about making a baby just sent me into [orbit]” one user tweeted. Meanwhile, another tweeted in disbelief, “You can’t wait to make what, Trav?!!”

One Twitter user even went as far as to offer up an Instagram exchange as evidence that Kelce really is in his baby-fever era. “Travis liking paul’s post about his new baby,” the user penned. In case you missed it, Taylor Swift’s lead guitarist, Paul Sidoti, recently welcomed his second child, a baby boy. Sidoti shared the momentous occasion with his followers in an Instagram post on March 12, and sure enough, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end gave it a heart. Aww, we’re not crying. You’re crying.

It should be noted, however, that not everyone is so sure. Some believe Kelce’s remark was nothing more than a silly comment made in jest. “You guys need to understand that they joke a lot in this podcast pls don’t take it seriously,” one user wrote.

It should be noted, however, that some Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift fans are far more interested in Kelce’s comments about NBA baller Victor Wembanyama — namely, when it comes to him using the term “lab-grown.” Could it be that Kelce has diamonds on the brain? Some astute listeners immediately pointed out Kelce’s use of professional jeweler lingo. “What does he want? diamonds in rings or start making perfect players of his [own]? Nice both ways,” one user penned. Meanwhile, another wrote, “Am I the only one who thought Travis kelce was talking about making a lab grown diamond and not a baby?”

As you may recall, Kelce made headlines in February when he seemingly squashed all proposal rumors. “I’m hoping I get this ring (Super Bowl) on Sunday. I know that,” he told a gaggle of reporters ahead of Super Bowl LVIII. Spoiler alert: he did. But is it possible that now that Kelce has acquired his second Super Bowl ring, he’s on the hunt for a different piece of hardware? Perhaps one that he could slip on his famous girlfriend’s left hand? TBD, we suppose. One thing’s for sure: when and if Kelce does propose, he better come correct. That ring better be absolutely bejeweled – lab-grown diamonds or not. Nothing but the best for our Tay Tay.