Travis Kelce Was Spotted at Trader Joe’s—Here’s Why Fans Are Convinced He Was Shopping for Taylor Swift


Over the past month, there has been no escaping the developments in Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift‘s budding and very public relationship.


NFL Fans Reacts as Taylor Swift Says Travis Kelce Fingered Her On Sensitive Parts While She Was Leaving Kansas City For London

The Super Bowl winning athlete is no stranger to the limelight in his own right, but there is no denying the absolute star power that Swift brings to the equation.

And as the celebrity couple makes waves across the internet, fans have been awarded the distinct pleasure of witnessing just how much like us “normal people” the two lovebirds actually are.

On Tuesday afternoon, during what started as an average visit to her local Trader Joe’s, Kansas City realtor Alex Owens quickly took to her Instagram and shared some exciting images of Travis Kelce out shopping for his pop star belle.

After weeks of witnessing the couple pop up in the news while out enjoying date nights together and supporting each other at work, we now have our first glimpse at Kelce being what anyone else would describe as a stand-up boyfriend.