Travis Kelce Reveals Taylor Swift Turned Down His Request Of Going to See Her Parents This Weekend……. Here is Why

It’s safe to say these two are very together, and a source tells Entertainment Tonight, big things are reportedly ahead for the longtime couple.

‘Obsessed’ Taylor Swift Contemplates Leaving Her $80 Million Refuge Behind for Travis Kelce and Love

“They grew closer than ever during the quarantine and she really trusts him,” the source says and said they “are so in love.”

“They’ve been continuing to be pretty low-key about their relationship to the outside world to continue to protect it.” The source added: “They’ve discussed future plans and Taylor can see herself marrying Joe one day.”

Speculation over the couple’s marriage plans has been brewing for several years. In 2019, a source told Us Weekly that “Joe wants to marry her and she wants to marry him. He’s just waiting to find the perfect time to propose. He wants to make it unforgettable and extremely special.”

The source added: “Taylor’s friends are all talking about a proposal and how she really wants to marry Joe,” says the insider. “He’s her dream guy.”