Travis Kelce Reveals how close girlfriend Kayla Nicole and his Mom Is ‘Hope I’m not missing anything ‘

Travis Kelce Reveals how close girlfriend Kayla Nicole and his Mom Is 'Hope I'm not missing anything '


Kayla Nicole used to be in a romantic relationship with Travis Kelce, who is a prominent figure in the NFL as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. Their relationship began in 2017 and lasted for about five years, during which they experienced periods of being together and being apart.


Unfortunately, their journey together came to an end in May 2022, though the exact reasons for their separation have not been made public. Rumors were circulating about potential factors such as infidelity and financial disagreements that might have contributed to their decision to part ways.

Despite their romantic relationship ending, Kayla Nicole has maintained a connection with Travis Kelce’s family, particularly with his mother.

Travis Kelce And Kayla Nicole Were In An On-Again, Off-Again Relationship
Although the exact timeline of Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole’s initial meeting remains uncertain, Nicole previously shared that they first connected through Instagram just like Jake Bon Jovi and Millie Bobby Brown. According to her, Kelce had been following her and engaging in light flirtation through double taps on her posts for a few months. She mentioned this in a now-deleted Instagram story, which was captured by TMZ.

After some time of this playful interaction, Nicole decided to take action. She recounted, “All double taps and no DM. Soooo after a little liquid courage and a pep talk from @iqueenb (something along the lines of ‘WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR’), I DM’d him on New Year’s.”

Following their initial Instagram direct messages, Kelce and Nicole embarked on their dating journey in 2017. Over the subsequent years, their relationship underwent a series of separations and reconciliations.

The first notable split occurred in August 2020. Speculation about their separation had arisen when Nicole removed pictures of Kelce from her Instagram a week earlier. Kelce confirmed the breakup to his fans, quelling the rumors.

However, this confirmation came amid whispers of Kelce’s alleged infidelity with a woman named Becky, which he promptly denied in a tweet that has since been deleted. He wrote, “This is fake news… a lie… and not why Kayla and I broke up. Take all your hatred somewhere else, please.” Kelce and Nicole chose to stick together despite the cheating allegation just like these celebrities.

Several months later, the couple reunited in November of the same year. Kelce openly acknowledged their reconciliation during an Instagram Live session with WNBA basketball player Chiney Ogwumike. He affectionately referred to Nicole as “my girlfriend” and praised her, stating, “She’s the best, she’s the absolute best.”

Their relationship hit another rough patch in May 2022, resulting in another breakup. During this time, Barstool Sports claimed that the reason behind their split was Kelce pressuring Nicole to share half of everything while they were together.

Travis Kelce Was Accused Of Being A Cheap Boyfriend To Kayla Nicole
Following their official breakup in May 2022, Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole were surrounded by reports suggesting that their split was triggered by Kelce’s perceived reluctance to spend during their relationship. A source closely connected to the former celebrity couple revealed that Nicole ended the relationship due to Kelce’s establishment of a 50/50 financial arrangement. This arrangement reportedly required Nicole to share expenses equally, including dinners, trips, and more.

On May 2022, Barstool Sports reported, citing an inside source, that throughout their five-year relationship, Nicole had allegedly received only $100 from Travis. The report calculated the monthly amount she received and highlighted her past complaints about not receiving lavish gifts.

Supposedly, a friend of the couple added, “Travis is very cheap. In the beginning, he tried to make Kayla ‘prove’ that she wasn’t with him for the money … so she had to pay half of everything, half of every date, every trip, everything.”

These claims raised eyebrows considering Kelce’s reported earnings of $64.7 million over his decade-long tenure with the Chiefs, including his salary for a hosting stint in Saturday Night Live. However, in a January 2023 interview on The Pivot Podcast, Kelce refuted claims that he was “too cheap.” He clarified, “Don’t buy into that s—,” he continued, “I would never say that I was supporting her. She had a very financially stable life and what she was doing in her career.”

He further explained, “But you’ve got to be crazy if you’d think I would never helped or gave her a couple thousand to grab some food, or she gave me some money to go get some food…. we were in a relationship for five years. A hundred dollars here, a hundred dollars there wasn’t even thought about.”

Kelce further clarified that Nicole was financially independent and didn’t require any financial assistance from him. Even Nicole herself swiftly dismissed these rumors by posting on Twitter saying, “Not sure where y’all got this nonsense from, but it’s absurd and very false.”

Kayla Nicole Is Still Close With Travis Kelce’s Mom After Their Split
Travis Kelce and his former girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, may have parted ways over a year ago, but it appears that she maintains a friendly connection with his mother, Donna Kelce. Nicole shared a reel on her Instagram last July 2022 as part of a collaboration with HydraFacial.

In the reel, she playfully remarked, “suns out buns out,” and emphasized the importance of maintaining one’s well-being, particularly during the summer. She also highlighted the role of a HydraFacial in a comprehensive body care routine.

However, what truly caught the attention of her followers was a particular heart reaction to the reel. The like came from none other than Donna Kelce, Travis Kelce’s mother. Despite past rumors suggesting a difficult breakup, it’s evident that the family of the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs still holds a positive regard for her.

In a previous instance in 2021, Kelce’s mother defended his then-girlfriend on social media. This happened when Kayla Nicole addressed her shopping choices on Instagram, sparking assumptions that she wasn’t being financially supported by the affluent athlete. These assumptions even extended to claims that she was sharing the rent expenses. Travis Kelce initially responded with, “Y’all crazy if you don’t think I’m looking out for my baby girl…. She’s independent…. best believe she straight,” a comment he later deleted before rephrasing it, “She’s independent… stop acting like I don’t take care of my baby girl!!”


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