Jason Kelce not happy with brother Travis over

Jason Kelce not happy with brother Travis over


Travis Kelce apparently has babies on the brain.

During the latest episode of his “New Heights” podcast with brother Jason Kelce, the siblings pressed their mom, Donna Kelce, about who she’s rooting for in Super Bowl 2023 on Sunday — and Travis joked that he’s “gotta start breeding” to keep up with his older brother.


“You’ve said in the past to both of us that you root for me because I’ve given you grandkids,” said Jason, who shares daughters Elliotte Ray, 22 months, and Wyatt, 3, with wife Kylie McDevitt, who is expecting their third daughter.

“I’ve always known that you root for Travis. So who do you actually root for? In this one, you have the luxury of rooting for offenses, but if in a battle to the death, me versus Travis, who are you rooting for?”

Jason, 35, and Travis, 33, will become the first siblings to face off in the Super Bowl, and the rare situation has left their family playfully divided. Jason’s Eagles defeated the 49ers in the NFC Championship game last month before Travis and the Chiefs won the AFC title against the Bengals.

Donna, who has remained neutral when asked about who she’s rooting for in the big game, flipped the script on her sons and asked whether they’d save her or their father, Ed, if they were stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean and they could only save one parent.

The playful banter continued with Travis then joking about potentially expanding his family one day.

“I gotta start breeding, I gotta start breeding,” Travis said while the family laughed. “To all the breeders out there.”

Jason joked, “Please don’t,” while Donna added, “Wait until you find the right person. Find the right person.”

Travis replied: “I’m gonna find a breeder, and I’m gonna get kids so that mom can love me again.”

Kelce is currently single after his split from influencer and fitness entrepreneur Kayla Nicole. The former couple began dating in 2017 and were in an on-off relationship for five years.

“I’m in the free market right now man,” Travis said on “The Pivot Podcast” last month. “I’m out there just enjoying life, focused on my profession. I got my feet up outside of football. I’m outside, though.”

At the time, Travis also addressed a report that he and Kayla broke up due to financial reasons.

“I would never say that I was supporting her,” Travis said. “She had a very financially stable life, and what she was doing in her career. You’ve got to be crazy if you think I’d never helped or gave her a couple dollars to grab some food, or she gave me some money to go get some food.

“We were in a relationship for five years, a hundred dollars here and a hundred dollars there wasn’t even thought about, you know what I mean, which is absolutely ridiculous.”

Travis is about to be 0-3 in the race to give his parents grandchildren, as Jason and Kylie are expecting their third girl any day now.

Last week, Jason said that he and Kylie, who is 38 weeks pregnant, are bringing her ob-gyn to the Super Bowl, which will take place at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.
“If my brother has a baby at the Super Bowl we’re officially in his ‘Matrix,’” Travis said Monday at Super Bowl media night. “It’s crazy how things are kind of aligning. I’m so happy for him and Kylie, I love them so much.

“It’s definitely a crazy scenario to be in… I don’t know the game plan, I’ve been focused on the Chiefs. He’s got that distraction for himself, I’m going to let him deal with all of that.”


Jason Kelce not happy

big brother jason reveals he has asked Travis severally to get married to her but he keeps pretending and postponing it…now pregnancy 🤰


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