Travis Kelce assured Patrick Mahomes “kept him from embarrassing himself”

Travis Kelce assured Patrick Mahomes


Patrick Mahomes is a leader on and off the field… And he showed it earlier this week during the Chiefs’ White House visit. On his brother’s podcast, Travis Kelce talked about the incident at US president Joe Biden’s podium. According to him, he wanted to make an innocent joke, but Kansas City’s quarterback drove him apart the mic and didn’t let him.


Travis Kelce assured Patrick Mahomes "kept him from embarrassing himself"

On Monday, while Mahomes and Kelce were being congratulated by Joe Biden, the red-suited tight end approached the podium and said to the microphone “So, I’ve been waiting to do this…”, but Pat took his arm and with a subtle move stopped him from whatever he was trying to express. “Sorry… Sorry”, Travis Kelce pronounced while sharing a couple of chuckles.

But now, Kansas City Chiefs’ TE revealed he just wanted to make an innocent joke. “Obviously, the president, at the podium, it’s iconic, and how he addresses the public – to “MY FELLOW AMERICANS”.That’s all I wanted to say, dude… That’s it. I shouldn’t have started off with ‘I’ve always wanted to do this”, Travis told to his brother Jason Kelce through his New Heights Show podcast.

Jason, with an incredulous look, commented on Travis intentions. “That’s all you wanted to say? If you would’ve started off with ‘MY FELLOW AMERICANS…’ that would’ve been such a showstopper… I don’t think they would’ve kicked you off. If someone gets up to the podium and says, ‘My fellow Americans’ it’s like an immediate, ‘OK, what’s this dude about to say?'”, Jason Kelce respond.

Finally, in a more serious tone, Travis Kelce admitted. “Pat knew that I was in over my head. He’s seen that one before… Shout-out to Pat for keeping me from embarrassing myself at that podium in front of the world”,Kansas City Chiefs’ TE said.


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