“Too Sick With It”: Simone Biles’ Ex-Boyfriend Stacey Ervin Jr disheartening message to Biles’s

“Too Sick With It”: Simone Biles’ Ex-Boyfriend Stacey Ervin Jr disheartening message to Biles's


After a three-year-long hiatus, gymnastics queen Simone Biles has girded up to make a staunch come back to her beloved arena. She is all set to grace her presence on the beam in August with the US Classic Championships. Nevertheless, Biles isn’t the only one who is making a splash among her fans. Her ex-boyfriend and WWE star, Stacey Ervin Jr. has also caused a fascinating stir among his fandom through his top-notch gymnastics routines.


Recently, the millionaire WWE superstar took the internet by storm by flaunting his off-the-charts artistic sequences and left the social media cult in complete awe of his finesse in ground exercises.

From Gymnastics to WWE

The video, shared by him on social media, features Stacey Ervin Jr. executing a flawless combination of flips, twists, and a smooth landing. He captioned the video saying, “On a scale of 🧱 to 🧈 how smooth was that combo?”

Interestingly, Stacey Ervin Jr. is a former artistic gymnast who transitioned to a WWE career. He was first on the podium at the Visa Championship in Hartford, Connecticut, and since then he has won several titles in all-around and parallel bars. Though he switched his vocation from artistic gymnastics to WWE, the recent video shows that he still has a penchant for bars and beams.

More so, the WWE star and Biles met for the first time at the P&G Championships in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 2014. However, their romance did not blossom until three years later.

Stacey Ervin’s video stirs up the Gymnastics Community
This unexpected twist has sparked a flurry of reactions and discussions among fans all over the world. One commenter said, “Too sick with it”. Another said, “On a whole different level Fam”. While another person penned, “Does cake count as a vote? Amazing !!!” Someone even asked for advice writing, “How young were you when you started gymnastics? Thinking of what’s a good age to get my kids started.” While one used the applauding emoji and wrote, “With the stick”. Though the WWE prodigy is not planning on coming back to gymnastics anytime soon, he indeed made many heads turn his way through his routine.

Interestingly, Biles is also now all set to perform some incredible routines in the upcoming U.S. Classic. This is a huge event for her because it is her first competition since the Tokyo Olympics. The fans cheer her on with bated breath, knowing that her return will be nothing short of spectacular.


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