Tom Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bündchen Joined hand’s together to Hit back at new criticism against their daughter Vivian -why would anyone attack this little girl

Tom Brady's ex-wife Gisele Bündchen Joined hand's together to Hit back at new criticism against their daughter Vivian -why would anyone attack this little girl


Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s kids are trucking along as they adjust to splitting their time between both parents since their October 2022 divorce after 13 years of marriage.


Back in 2020, the former football star decided to leave the New England Patriots, his team of 18 years, in favor of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – effectively uprooting their family-of-five down to Florida – and now both the athlete and his supermodel ex-wife have remained in the area, opting to raise their kids in Miami.

Their kids Benjamin Rein, 13, Vivian Lake, ten, plus Tom’s eldest son Jack, 15, with Bridget Moynahan, are now finding new hobbies and passions in their new home, which Tom opened up about in a new interview.

Speaking with People, the father-of-three revealed that as opposed to sports, his kids have found a passion for music.

“Although I would definitely say I’m not musically inclined at all, my kids are, which I love,” he said, before joking: “I love all the different arts for sure, I’m just not great at many of them.”

He shared that the three enjoy “a lot of piano and a lot of singing, and that his son Benjamin’s skills, and ear for music, are already quite developed. “It’s interesting, my son plays by ear too. He doesn’t like looking at notes, so he hears something and tries to play it,” he said, adding: “He’s very talented. It’s really fun for me to see.”

Despite his lack of experience in the world of music, he said: “I think so much of what these kids do is they bring out parts of us that we don’t even know. You think, ‘God, what are we here to teach our kids in the end? What are they here to teach us?’ And bring out parts of us that we just have not been exposed to,” noting that “seeing them exposed to these things makes me enjoy it more.”

He added: “It allows me to pay more attention to the things that they’re interested in. And it helps us grow in a lot of ways that we didn’t think were possible had we not had these little amazing beings that come into our life.”

His ex-wife Gisele also recently opened up about how her kids, and herself, are adjusting to life in Miami, telling People as well: “I am loving Miami. I love the sunshine and people are very warm and welcoming, it feels like home.”

“The kids are loving Miami too,” she added, noting that her youngest, who is nicknamed Vivi by her family, has developed a passion for horseback riding and is “very into jumping right now.”

Gisele further shared: “We also love being outdoors and enjoy jumping together on our big trampoline we have in our yard. We also love paddle boarding and kayaking, it is so much fun to just be doing things together.”

She maintained: “Spending time together as they are growing up is so important and it’s such a gift to be making lifelong memories with them, I feel blessed.”


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