This Is Patrick Mahomes on a Surfboard

This Is Patrick Mahomes on a Surfboard


Patrick Mahomes is, without a doubt, the most fun quarterback to watch in the modern NFL. teamed with the Kansas City Chiefs’ Andy Reid’s imaginative offense, Mahomes is the chef that makes the sauce cook. Little kids want to be him, grown men, well, sometimes they fawn over him (which is a little embarrassing, to be sure).


But Patrick Mahomes on a surfboard? That’s something we have yet to see. Until now of course. He’s doesn’t look like Josh Kerr out there (who does?), and he’s definitely still getting his sea legs under him, but nonetheless it’s always interesting to see athletes we expect to watch on one venue hit up another completely different medium. Dude is an athlete.


Pro wakeboarder Steel Lafferty got Patrick out on what looks to be Lake Tahoe (don’t quote me), and it sounds like Mr. Mahomes dropped the rope on the first try. Pop-shuvits are next.


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