Taylor Swift’s dad called a ‘CHEATER’ for wearing a Chiefs lanyard with Travis Kelce despite being a HUGE Philadelphia Eagles fan: ‘Feeling a little traitorous’

Travis Kelce Reveals he has lured Taylor Swift's dad 'to the Good Side' After the Eagles Fan Was Controversially Seen Wearing a Chiefs Lanyard While Speaking with Him in Buenos Aires


a surprising twist, Travis Kelce appears to have successfully charmed Taylor Swift’s father, Scott Swift, as evident from his choice to sport a Kansas City Chiefs lanyard at her concert in Buenos Aires. Scott, a devoted Philadelphia Eagles fan, momentarily set aside his allegiance, sparking backlash from the Eagles’ fanbase due to the known rivalry between the two teams and the Swift family’s historic ties to Philadelphia. This intriguing shift in loyalties unfolded amid Taylor’s own history of supporting the Eagles, creating a captivating narrative around their dynamic and Kelce’s influence on the Swift family.

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Even Swift’s dedicated fanbase couldn’t resist injecting humor into the situation, playfully suggesting that Travis and Scott’s choices might stir some sibling rivalry with Jason Kelce, Travis’ older brother who plays for the Eagles. Social media became a playground for fans, sharing jokes and memes about Scott’s decision to wear the Chiefs lanyard. The amusement reached a creative peak when one fan erected a banner outside a residence with the cheeky message “welcome home cheater,” alluding to the Eagles’ Super Bowl loss to the Chiefs.